No.101 Crash Coffee….

The exact quote is : ” Is there any chance for that coffee before I crash.” The movie series this quote was taken from is ” The Brief.”  Series 2. Episode 3  “Forever on the Mind” Written and created by; Dusty Hughes. Directed by : David Drury.

The Brief is a movie series that takes place in London, England. It’s about a barrister named  Henry Farmer who’s work life and personal life clash fully thoughout the series. An ex-wife…overdue alimony payments…debt acrued from gambling…after a while there is even a man that trails him watching where and how  he spends his money. Henry seems to take it all in stride. When I think of two kind of jobs that seem  to suck the life out of the people- I would say lawyers and doctors. We can clearly see that the  young man in the sketch is a doctor. Did you know that the maximum workday for first year medical residents just got extended from 16 hours to 28 hours?  At times they can work  24 hours shifts without even having breaks. One of the new rules is that they can’t work more than 80 hours a week ! In the small print it said they must have at least one day off in a 7 day span. Think about how a schedule like that would wreak havoc on a girlfriend or a new marriage. They also stated that sleep deprived physicians can be dangerous not only to themselves but also to the patients and even the public. Overworked, sleep deprived , dealing with high expectations with themselves and families over life and death situations,  intense debt plus the intense competiveness between other doctors…makes you wonder if parents really knew what it was like would we push our kids into this field. I read somewhere there’s a high suicide rate connected to this work. Which made me sad.  So to crash as the quote said made me wonder.  There is such a thing as “Crash and Burn” which means to fail horribly. Crash can also mean a person who has an emotional breakdown. We say sometimes we are going to crash when we’ve stayed up to late and a crash pad is a place where one goes to sleep. But with this quote he’s saying he needs coffee because he knows he’s having an energy drop from a sugar rush from a  candy bar lunch from the vending machine  and he knows a coffee may help him surge forward to finish his shift.



No. 100 The Rodents…

They both came …

from far away.

Ashley with her

beautiful smile…


Julie with her

mischievious grin.

Both adventurous

in their own ways.

The Walker…the zoo and the Mall…

The Balken..with electricity..

Art gardens..with sculpture..


the State Capital Halls.

Meeting with friends.

In school, on the bus


over food….in restaurants.


meeting as friends

at home…

over two small


Coco and Ginger.

Unexpected stars for their stay.

Now it’s time to say

Good-bye…Avoir and Zaijian…

As always I know…

I will miss them .

No.99 Cheese whiz in coffee?

The exact quote is : “Cheese? Coffee’s coming.”  This amazing quote is from the movie series Midsommers  Murders Season 7. Episode 7 . “Ghosts of Christmas Past.”

There are people in the world that throw chunks of cheese in their coffee -It’s true…It’s not fake news! Always curious …I ended up googling my morning away …reading articles and comments on how delicious it was. I’m amazed. It’s weird we put cream in our coffee -why not cheese?  Course when you think about it …lots of people dip cookies in coffee so why not push the envelope and dip in a  grilled cheese sandwich? And why do you ask I would leap to such an idea? Because in all the articles they said to always have on hand- toast. So  why not save on time and effort and make a grilled cheese sandwich…right?  As with all things there are people that always forget to buy real cheese that end up at the gas station eyeing the large jars of Cheese Whiz.  This is but another type  of cheese in a spreadable form. Alot of hungry people eat it with chips and salsa.  To the connoisseurs of real cheese they like to use  either Swedish Kaffeost cheese , Queso Blanco cheese or Cheddar Cheese.  After drinking their coffee, the commentators would talk how they would eat the melted cheese promptly with their spoon or spread it  on the convieniently  uneaten toast nearby. This morning I came across an article about how delicious-coffee soaked  chunks of cheese melted in the coffee tasted . One person said it was like taking a shot of  Tiramisu in their espresso. If you find yourself feeling squeamish on trying to use real melted cheese in your coffee-then just grab your jar of Cheese Whiz…fling the lid off…grab your  spoon, eye measure the jar then put in about a third of the jar -into your coffee cup. Stop for a minute- breath in deeply ..enjoying this adventurous moment..then  pour your  steaming hot coffee into your mug…Now doesn’t that feel good? O.K. get ready …put out your toast in the toaster…grab your newspaper…and sip away.  Or… if  that whole scenario just made you feel squeamish than up your computer and order a coffee mug with Cheese Whiz designs on them at  I feel like we will soon hear of support groups discussing the pros and cons of this blog post -that’s fine. Since I’ve already had my coffee this morning I’ll let you experiment . Tell me what you think O.K.?





No.98 Always thinking about coffee….

The exact quote is: ” You want a coffee?” The quote came out of one of my favorite movie series called Detective Montalbano. Episode 28. ” The Mud Pyramid.”

So back in the psychiatrist’s office …instead of chatting about all my problems we are again discussing coffee. Weird Uh?  Not really, when you think how coffee pervades every corner of our lives. When describing Minnesota we usually say it has ten thousand lakes. But I always say in jest that really it’s ten thousand coffee shops. A lot of them are in Minneapolis….which will bug the  coffee shops in St. Paul which is just across the MIssissippi River from Minneapolis. It just seems like they are harder to find …whereas in Minneapolis I can shut my eyes walk forward twenty steps turn right, hop four times on my left foot and Voila! I am in front of a coffee shop. It’s almost magical. So, back in the office …strangely enough there isn’t the prescribed leather chaise for me to lay back  and moan about my life. I have to sit up straight in a modern version of a chair…The decor is also quite sterile…no books or pictures to gaze into- very boring. I will call my psychiatrist ummm…Sue…Dr. Sue. She  has brought up the idea of how in the past  people would pause a conversation with  wacking their cigarette pack a couple of times on the palm of their  hand then take out a cigarette to smoke.  At least that was how it was when I was in High School. I didn’t smoke. I was a goody two shoes in my family. But really, I was on the swimming team and to swim a length of the pool… -on one breath …well that’s clearly impossible if you smoked. So while my friends smoked I probably read a book, played with my long hair or twitched..I’m sure they thought they were really cool.  But now days we either glance down at our phones or drink coffee . Both of these things seem perpetually attached to  our hands. So I read this weird theory that both cigarettes and coffee are linked with not being breast fed. Interesting idea. I know with surety that because their were three brothers before me that by the time I was born  my mom was already tired so I was  fed with a bottle. Also I can attest that there was milk in the bottle not coffee because my mom would of thought that was a really stupid idea. So it makes you wonder when I started to be  fascinated  with coffee.  Mind you, this is an excellant issue to talk over with your psychiatrist . I’m sure Freud would have something to say about coffee if he was still alive. Luckily, for me -he’s really dead. Please note that Freud isn’t a Zombie either-  luckily again for me …you never see little bearded men wearing spectacles walking the zombie walk so he won’t be able to haunt me when he see’s me entering my favorite coffee shop -The Dogwood on Lake Street. Phew!




No.97 A Bossy coffee….

The exact quote is : ” Drink your coffee …Eric.” This quote is from the English drama called LoveJoy Series 1. Episode 2. ” The Sting”

So just for fun I called up my youngest brother Erik. His name ends with a “K”.  The dialogue went like this:.  Me: “Hey Erik …do you drink coffee?” Erik:”Well of course… but I’m trying to cut back on amount.” Me: ” So how many cups of coffee do you drink each day? ”  Erik: “Only one.”  Me: “Per day?” Erik: “Yep.”  Me: ” Do you drink with cream?” Erik: ” Nope!” Me: “Do you drink it at home? ” Erik: ” Yep!” Me: ” Or do you drink it out…like the sweet concoctions…?” Erik: “Nope!” Me:”How do you drink it ? ”  Erik: “Black.” When you think about it- getting coffee information from your brothers is like pulling teeth… After that we talked about everyone else in the family. It was a catch-up moment…with my” baby” brother…Now let us get  serious here. I think this quote has such an air of finality to it. It’s kind of bossy…Drink your coffee …Eric. I can just imagine if I was still a kid with my “baby” brother this is how the conversation would go…” Come on Erik…we have to go in ten minutes ..Erik…stop dawdling…Erik…Can’t you see I’m sweating it…My coach said if I late one more time I’ll be kicked of the team…Erik drink your milk! You know mom will yell at me if she comes in and we are still here…Hey quit kicking my  chair….it’s making me nervous…come on quit acting like  you don’t know what I’m talking about…Can’t you chew any faster than that? Forget what mom said about chewing things a long time … I know you are missing your front teeth …come on Erik drink some more milk. ..we’ve got to get going… Drink your milk -Erik! With your mouth closed -I don’t need to see your tonsils today!  …OMG we’ve only got 5 minutes left…Erik can’t you chew faster than that?  O.K. let’s get your shoes on…What ? Where are your socks? Let’s do something fun today- NO SOCKS  Here let me tie them up …great let’s go…Last one out of the house is a nincompoop! and it’s not going to be me! Luckily, now Erik is a grown up man with a beautiful wife and two amazing kids….I have a feeling that I would still be the older more wiser, responsible, beautiful, creative, loving, adorable,number one sister….so the conversation would be something like this… Drink your coffee…Erik…it’s going to get cold…no I don’t want to discuss politics today…But tell me aobut your trip but make it quick…We’ve got to get going….OMG isn’t that a ticket lady? Grab your cup Erik!  OH…Oh…Oh…Yes that’s my car….I’m leaving right now….I was waiting for my brother to finish his coffee…




No.96 A mob of birds…

The politicians are scattering

Starlings startled.

Distraught …

Dispersed by the wind.

Pigeons sweep the sky

in chaotic symmetry…


Wings spread out…

As air patterns shift.

New bird…

A scratchy…Scaramucci…

Disseminates good will.

Dwells in the crude..

Unlucky in Love….

Mobbed by the  other birds

Can’t survive …

in new location.

Swoops in …swoops out…

soon to disappear.

Robin’s blue eggs

nested above


Fledgings appear


Yellow finches

scatter seed below.

While Nuthatches

climb trees…

upside down…

and backwards…

No. 95 Real Venetian Coffee…

The exact quote is : ” But she makes Venice’s best coffee…”  The quote was taken from the Italian Police Drama  Commissario Brunetti Episode 11. Called “Death in a Strange Country.” All these movies, and books were written by Donna Leon.

In this sketch Commissarion Brunetti knows he has to get information from a woman connected to a murder he is trying to solve. When he gets to her home he has to deal with a very angry Sicilian woman who waves a rifle in his face. This is because in the past he has had to bring in and procecute her son and she didn’t take this too kindly. So ergo the rifle. Being Commissario Brunetti he gets his information and an invite into her home to drink her coffee. For the widow is known for being the best coffee maker in Venice.  The rifle although ancient still works. When she finds out who killed her son … vengence is sweet…To the man  who is shot with the rifle -he  has everything and thinks murder is an everyday occurence beneath him…though he has made a profit doing it…even his death by the rifle seems appropiate.  To the widow, even though her son wasn’t going to amount to anything except say a bumbling burglar…he was still her son. She says at one moment that her life is nothing without her son…we can all understand that . She also knew that the man who was very rich would somehow wiggle his way out without penance. So the rifle became her symbol of justice.

In a place like Venice where coffee is viewed as a necessary life enhancement. I believe most Venitians would go into shock when faced with an American cookbook advising them “How to make Ventian Coffee.”   Most of the recipes included large amounts of alcohol. Coffee seemed like it was but an ingrediant not the most important thing. The first recipe for example  : 1 oz. of Rye Whiskey, 3/4 oz. Amaro Montenegro, 1/4 oz. simple syrup, 1/4 oz. coffee liqueur , 1/2 oz cream, a pinch of cardamon and lastly 4 oz. brewed coffee. Combine and garnish with whip cream. The second version was listed as easy to make and would only take seven minutes to create. It made me wince…weep softly into my coffee. 1 shot of amoretto, 1 shot of Sambuca  A vanilla flavored coffee and Ready Whip. ( I’m still weeping…)  The third recipe sent me into convulsions of laughter …1 oz. of Brandy, 1 sugar cube, hot coffee  and whipped cream. I couldn’t imagine making any of these three Ventian Coffee versions. When Peter and Douglas and I went to Venice- I remember we went into a coffee bar and ordered espresso-all three of us were shocked at the price. We were but poor …really poor art students near the end of any money we had saved up for the trip.  I think the tears in my eyes made the barista waver and the price was slashed  to our utter relief. But this was real coffee…black as night..with 2 or 3 spoons of sugar stirred in – kind of coffee. I don’t remember any cream anywhere and there wasn’t a mixologist in the background adding  colored alcohol and pink umbrellas to our drinks.  I think  if  Commissario Brunetti was given the American  version of Ventian coffee- he  would of  promptly carried out to the street and poured down the drain…or manacled it and sent it  to prison.  End of story.

No. 94 Coffee Requests….

The Exact quote is: ” Oh, coffee … that would be lovely.” The quote came out the the British Drama  LoveJoy Series 1. Episode 2.  ” The Sting.”

Things one can say when someone else is picking up the coffee ….

Can you pick up two boxes of Chocolate Eauclairs? Don’t forget the cream….

Could you prettty please stop and get my dry cleaning? It’s on the way… right on the street that the coffee shop is on…Can you ask if they got that spot off my blue blouse as well? And tell them they still owe me for the jeans they shrunk . If it goes over ten dollars -I’ll pay you in end of the month…O.K.? You’re a  such dream boat!

OH,  please get a- to- go container of real cream…I can’t stand the little shrunken creamers. Can you ask them as well for a dollop of honey so I can create a Cafe Miel for break…You’re a Peach! What ? You can’t ? Don’t you love me anymore? I thought we were best buds?

Oh jees…can you also stop at Lunds and pick up four all- cheese pizzas? It’s walking distance from the coffee shop.  A good work-out. You know can you also go the Deli area and buy some fresh mozzerella with a loaf of bread and of course the best and most expensive olive oil there is ….Oh…don’t forget the tomatoes..I’d prefer the heirlooms…if possible.

Can you buy  five  soy machiatos…two coconut dirty chais and an espresso  plus six blueberry muffins- we prefer the low fat version..Can you also buy three almond croissants as well…you are such a love bug!

Hey can you make sure the lids are on tight and nothing spills in the car? I won’t even mention last time when that smell invaded our car from the spilled milk…. I’m sorry I can’t come to help carry all the drinks…this is really important. You are such a Ducky-Poo.

OH…OH…can you stop at Target as well …it’s so helpful that you are helping me …yes ..yes the list is quite long…but you can save time by stopping in at Starbucks …by then you’ll have a cart and you won’t have to carry anything…. OH I love you soo much!

Oh I forgot can you also pick up the kids at the Daycare on the way….I know it’s a hassle but it would save soo much time… I’ll pick up the two older ones at their school. Don’t forget the diaper bag…I think we are getting low on diapers…could you possibly pick up a bag…I know I’m asking a lot…you know they call you Uncle Pee …they think it’s really funny.

Oh you are the muscle in my heart…you pull my strings every time…by the way can you pick up some bread, buns, brats, ketchup and eggs for tomorrow morning….You know I would do anything for you within reason…OH can you also buy salsa and chips …I love when our eyes meet…across the room….Oh yah…cheese…I need cheese…and please please don’t forget the coffee !

No.93 Coffee is an Elixir…

The exact  quote was  taken from the movie Case :” Coffee…No thanks! ”  A very small quote …but very important one.  Season 1. Episode 1.

Have you ever been at a party where the people on the couch facing you looked like they are all… on different planets?  They are all inflicted with the disease – Equal Distance Placement Syndrome. Also known to normal people as E.D.P.S.  Strangely enough, if one looks at the word “Disease” it basically means not at ease …which I believe is an important factor when viewing these human specimens. One needs to be extremely clinical when faced with this syndrome.  All three participants when measured- have  subconciously sat exactly 11 inches apart from each other. Please note also the placement of their feet. The two humans on the right side of the sketch have them placed exactly in front of their hips signifying general unrest. The third human near the door is leaning away from the other two. He is the only one who has grown a beard. We feel the hair on his face is extremely anti- social. Notice how his eyebrows are the largest of the three couch inhabitants….This one abstract factor can establish a synopsis that any psychiatrist working on a thesis would rejoice in. Why social settings and or parties tend not to work. Years of thought can go into the basic question of “Why not?” Very important. Please notice after more surveillance that -the woman in the middle has a somewhat vacant look in her eyes…we wondered if she was trying to communicate with her friends the futility of these two men. The man to her left reminds  her of a ewe she called Paddington  that she won six years in a row the first prize for Sheep at the the Rochester  County Fair. Fond memories but not ones that would make her heart beat irregularly. The other man reminds her of a past boyfriend- Harold… that couldn’t say the word “cotton candy “… She remembered how he would tremble and break out in  a sweat when she would bring up the subject. She was finding her thoughts to be ruminating- roller coaster style between the two men.  If we could of navigated her language center of her brain three words would of been shouted to the high heavens …This Party sucks!!!

Usually, with skill levels being addressed one can only access the idea that this party can still be saved from mediocracy. Games should be promptly brought out, rules read out-loud . Party participants should be surrounded with large bowls of Cheetos, Bugles and Chex Mex Mix.  Skip the alcohol. Only drink black coffee.  Just make sure no one -pours it into the bowl  of  Cheetos somewhere in the night thinking it’s a good breakfast food item . We have noted data that these kinds of munchies bring the kid out of every stern, stoic adult with minutes! There’s reasoning behind the Cheetohs and Bugles . Soon before you know it guys will have them in their noses and ears…They also need to show everyone within their visual vincity their orange tongues…With Bugles they go instantly on all the fingers ….Coffee to the thesis bound PhD student is an elixir. We have noted that high altitude coffee can  ooze the stern social skills into laughter.  While the mid to lower range coffees are  known to reenergize the legargic office workers into a mass of giggling, animated teenagers. Coffee loosens  up the soul and opens it up to interconnections with other humans.

Please partake.  Limber up folks…Have a cup of coffee.

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