No. 60 Aunt Bee….

The exact quote is :  “I’ll get some coffee…Andy.” from the first episode of The Andy Griffith Show called ” The New Housekeeper.”

Aunt Bee was really Frances Elizabeth Bavier. (December 14th, 1902- December 6th, 1989.)  She attended both Columbia University and American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She first appeared in vaudeville then later acted on Broadway stage. She was later in 13 films and on television in 301 episodes in 30 shows. In 1967, she received an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Comedy Actress .  What she’s really remembered for is acting in the character Aunt Bee in eight seasons of The Andy Griffith Show and two more seasons on Mayberry R.F.D.  She’s introduced to the viewer in the very first episode of The Andy Griffith Show.  Aunt Bee becomes the replacement for Rose the housekeeper that Opie loves.  Rose is getting married and moving away. Aunt Bee who also helped raise Andy Griffith in the story is now in Mayberry to help raise Opie. Opie, serves up one raw comment after the other -while grieving for Rose making the transition much harder for Aunt Bee. In the end he accepts her and her fried chicken.  Everyone watching that show loved Aunt Bee. Even I did, when I was a kid. In real life on the set Aunt Bee was supposedly not as loveable as her character depicted her to be. She was always she felt like she was being overlooked as an actress. Unfortunately, housekeepers seem to become wall flowers in most shows unless they have just made a turkey dinner with all the fixings or if they were demented killers poisoning people with their biscuits and gravy. They also surged ahead  in points when it  was dishwashing time. But when it comes to themes of chasing down  escaped criminals or apprehending jay-walkers or saving the good name of Mayberry  that usually fell on the shoulders of Barney Fife or Andy Griffith. Don’t forget it’s in the 50’s and 60’s. Women got married had kids or became housekeepers….She probably got irritated with her character in the end.  At one point the show even tried to marry her off to a handy man! That didn’t go well. She stated it well in these eighteen words..”I was an actress for 50 years…I just got tired of cooking fried chicken and washing dishes….”  After retiring , she led a quiet life -answering fan mail while enjoying her cats until her death eight days before she turned 87 years old. I just remember when watching The Andy Griffith Show when Aunt Bee  talked about what she had just cooked for dinner -it always made me hungry!

No. 59 Politicians drinking….coffee

Exact quote is :  ” Coffee…which makes the politican wise…” The quote is from  the movie ” LoveJoy ” Series 6.

Today I will only talk about our esteemed President, Mr. Trump. We share birthday dates. I was traumitized for weeks when I heard his birthday was also June 14th. I can’t get past it and I am truly trying to forget this fact. Being that it is also Flag Day it  makes us both very patriotic. As a kid I just liked it because people would go out and hang out their flags… I thought  they were celebrating my birthday! O.K…let’s get down to the business of the day…CollectingCoffee..the blog your priceless eyes are now reading. The question demanding my  attention today is -does Mr. Trump drink coffee? It took a bit of research…Our president has stated to the world that he has never smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol ,used drugs or had a cup of coffee in his life! I find it strange that he has listed coffee in with the world’s vices. I always find when a person says too much it usually means …”it’s not so! ”  Alas, he was caught in Cafe Versailles in Little Havana in Miami sipping a cafecitos (which is a cuban coffee-espresso, brewed with demerara sugar. ) He was sitting with Rudy Giulani one day after the first National Debate. I guess he was so flustered that he was caught “lying” that he left an $83 dollar tip for the lucky waitress. In one of his numerous books “America we Deserve” co-written by Dave Shiflett….Mr. Trump says …”I’ve never taken drugs of any kind. Never a glass of alcohol, never a cigarette and never a cup of coffee.”  Again in a 2015 interview in Esquire, Mr. Trump said he had no vices -he’s straight…he won’t even drink a cup of coffee! I’m mystified how a company can produce and sell Trump Coffee but at the same time act like it’s bad for you. It sort of reminds me of Trump Vodka.  Watch Buzz Feed on YouTube…BuzzFeed spent $200 dollars for a bottle of Trump Vodka that you can buy for $40  dolllars. A group of twos are tasting it -it’s quite funny. : Alas, the vodka that everyone said would outsell Grey Goose Vodka- ceased production “supposedly”…unsure….really?  In 2007, the Trump organization signed a deal to export 50,000 cases of Trump Vodka annually to Russia. They also sell to Israel. There’s this amazing quote that seems appropiate. ” Surely  you doth protest too much…” I also wonder when people say it’s a vice than why do they think it’s fine if they still make money on it? Why not be blatant and shout it from the highest peaks…I LOVE COFFEE !!!  and while I still have your eyes attatched to my words…why not pay the coffee farmers  good benefits for everyone attached in any way all the way to the baristas that serve the coffee…No one gets lost in the process. Oh and why don’t we for once figure out how to give access to our legal system so ALL the workers that came to this country that help keep this economy stay stabilized can become citizens. They drink coffee too.  Just like our esteemed president Mr. Trump did on May 20th, 2017 with King Salman  in  Saudia Arabia. It was described as ” Mr. Trump appeared to enjoy the strong Saudi brew and requested more…” The Washington Times. While I’m on my political bandwagon lets also change how some religions are seen as evil and other’s aren’t . I’m tired of this stupidness. This world is only so big..and sooner or later we might have to connect ..sit down and share coffee…chat…laugh with each other…So my birthday wish this year is all of the above.   I wish.. I wish upon my star …

No. 58 Is my Lucky number…

A 58…

near the end…

or is it?

A delayed completion.

A 58….

an approaching murmur

a discontinued hush….

A delayed action.

A 58…

a questionable boundary

uncertain tip

doubtful finish.

A 58….

an engaged action

dubious  inquiry…

A deferred conclusion.

A 58…

a lucky…diversion

deflection incomplete…

Redirection -I seek.

A desired outcome.

No.57 Sicilian coffee…

Exact quote is: ” I’ll make some coffee.”  The quote is from Detective  Montablano Episode 18,  “Wings of the Sphinx”

Adelina is Detective Montablano’s  housekeeper and cook. I’ve featured Detective Montablano in two blogs so far…post 30 ” A Sicilian Snack” and post 53 ” Coffee Stains”.  It’s an amazing set of movies based on Andrea Camilleri’s books. And as the stories are set in Sicily -food is prominately featured. One comment that flows continuously through out Andrea Camilleri’s stories is that  when you eat …you never talk…you instead totally enjoy what the chef has placed in front of you to eat. Anyone who dares talk while eating gets a dirty look.  Adelina is known for her cooking … It seems to be the running joke that every time Detective Montablano has set his table brought out all the food to eat, getting ready to chow down- the telephone rings . Unfortunately for Detective Montablano the voice on the phone is summoning him to another suspicious death that he needs to dealt with. In one episode,  Adelina is sent to the hospital in shock  because of the  two inflated dolls that are a part of a case that has him mystified. Detective Montablano, unsure where to put them- stashes them in his shower space…Next day, they disappear. A misunderstood conversation leads an aquaitance to sending  over a beautiful young woman to help him forget the plastic females…who later appear mysteriously -under his bed . Who ever wrote this part of the story must of laughed the whole way through. Except  when you meet the killer than you just shake your head on how sick some people can be. In many of the stories Adelina starts Detective Montablano’s  day with making him coffee. I wish I had a Sicilian housekeeper in  my life!  There are a couple of episodes where Adelina’s arancinis are featured and in each-you know that Detective Montablano is in heaven.  If you ever want to try to make Adelina’s- Arancini which are balls or cones of rice with a meat vegetable filling. You can find the recipe at  The recipe is featured with lots of pictures -which I love… I  ate another version of Arancinis in Naples and on the island of Ischia –  the rice balls were  filled with potatoes and peas-delicious! Sicilians are known for their coffee. It’s usually served from 7 am- 2 am every day -365 days a year. Each town has their own Torrefazione. It was mentioned that one could try different kinds of coffee and to help you remember the names they are served in their own cups with logos. Coffee in the South is much stronger because its relies more on Robusta coffee.( Less flavored , bit more bitter, stronger caffiene strength of 2 to 4 %) Whereas, in  the North and Central parts of Italy they seem to like more Arabica coffee ( more sweeter, sometimes flavored, less acidic, with the caffeine  strength of 1 to 1.75% ) People are known to religiously visit them every day to have their “hit” for the day. One has to remember that Sicilians take their coffee very seriously. Torrefazione’s, bars, cafes are the centers of social life where everyone socializes, transact business, eat and drink. Strangely enough, I kept reading of a Sicilian coffee that had One ounce of Anesette (which is an anise flavored liqueur ) mixed into the hot coffee, they said to top it with frothed milk or whipped cream. Enjoy.

No. 56 Real Cowboy Coffee…

Exact quote is: ” At least drink some more coffee…”  The quote is from Alfred Hitchcock Presents  Season 1. Episode 3 . “Triggers on Leash”

I talked about this movie by Alfred Hitchcock in the Blog post 31  “How to Stop a Gunfight” What I forgot to write about was the coffee . Really the coffee during this historical period, emphasized in this episode ” Triggers on Leash” is Cowboy coffee. It’s a wee bit different from today’s frothy concoctions. It reminds me of this diner in downtown Minneapolis, everyone at my table will order…Black coffee. Then it’s my turn… I get this pleading voice…Can you make a Cafe Miel? What’s that? The waitress will suspiously ask… Coffee , honey , and cream. NOPE. How about a Mocha? Never heard of it…How about half a hot chocolate half coffee…now said in a desperate voice…Ummmm…I think we can do that. With cowboys running around I would of probably been hanged for asking for anything other than cowboy coffee…which is black coffee in disguise… Picture it …Your laying on rock- hard- stony  ground with your saddle as your pillow. Blankets…? Pah! That’s for woosies…not real cowboys… All night you were kept awake by coyotes  howling and mosquitos buzzing around your head…don’t forget the gnats and flies that bite…Thank goodness it’s now  sunrise!  At 4:30 in the morning. grumpy, body-sore…bitten all over…Do you really thing a real cowboy would think of brushing his teeth? Nope.  The very first thing that pops into a cowboy’s  head is Cowboy Coffee..The kind that puts hair on your chest- coffee.

Grab a handfull of coffee grounds..throw them into the  pot…grab your canteen if empty- to go look for water. Please note: if there is a dead cow near a pond -DO NOT DRINK THIS WATER…BEWARE!!! It could be poisonous water. Instead grab your shovel and start digging …deep….if you can’t find any water…go look for a stream or a big cactus. When you have your water pour it carefully into the pot with your grounds. Boil it . When you boil it -it’ll kill all the weird bugs and parasites that live in the water. Really boil it. For at least an hour.  By now all the other cowboys will be awake and smelling the coffee. They will also be grumpy but hopeful that soon they will be sitting around the campfire in joyful camaraderie sipping coffee…chowing down on eggs, bacon and biscuits covered with red eye gravy …a real cowboy breakfast. Let’s get back to the coffee..grab two fistfulls of egg shells (smushed) and throw them into your cowboy coffee. It’s a secret ingrediant that every cowhand holds close to their chests…the egg shells make the coffee grounds drop to the bottom of the coffee pot -and they break the acidity of the two month old supply of coffee grounds. Right before serving throw in a couple of pinches of salt…why?  Who knows…Hank told Sam who told Stewart who told Henderson who told George who told Bob….You know the drill. If there’s a cow nearby…milk it…if not- drink it coal black …This is how you make  Real cowboy coffee…

If you want to drink the real thing then go to…( ) Their Airbuckle Ariosa blend is described as “Original Cowboy Coffee. The coffee that won the West.”  Check it out.

No.55 Regular or Decaf ?

Exact quote is : “Regular …for you sir?  Please.”  This quote comes from the series  Undercover Boss.  Season 1. Episode 6.  “Herschend Family Entertainment”.

Everytime I look at this sketch it makes me remember how hard it was to be a waitress.  I was actually a horrible waitress . There were too many things to remember…the ordering process was always problematic.  Waitresses should be armed with a tape recorder so we have the  undeniable truth..when it comes to people that deny they ordered this or that . And what’s with these people that want everything their way…with sauces on the side..this hot …that cold…a good example is when Meg Ryan orders in the diner in the movie When Harry Met Sally. It’ll make you laugh. You can tell by the waitress’s attitude “Sally” is pushing all her buttons-making her day much harder. I had two jobs where each time I had to deal with the cooks I got flustered and when that happened – I made mistakes…the kind that caused me to loose my job. It’s called sexual  harassment. One time, as I exited the kitchen with the words of the cook still floating in the air- the manager walked in and heard the words as well. He seemed shocked at the words.  I don’t remember him yelling at the cook. Later he asked me if I was o.k. with what the cook said..I said NO. I also pointed out the simple fact of how many waitresses had quit this restaurant and didn’t he think the cook could be the problem?  One day soon after this episode  the cook came out of the kitchen and into the restaurant with people in it and told everyone in listening distance that he could see my long hair entwined around  his fingers as we…. I WON’T SAY ANYMORE – YOU CAN IMAGINE WHAT HE SAID.  After that day I quit. Two years later,  I heard the franchise got sued for sexual harassment.  If the manager knew…and didn’t change the problem…who really was their to protect us? Don’t forget …waitresses take orders ..make the customers happy…serve the food…finish up…till the customers exit out  the door. Waitresses should be paid like the CEO’s !! They should be described as Super Women and Super men because they always save the day!!  Instead, now we have half our goverment worried that waitresses make too much money with tips…forgetting the basic fact that their hourly wage is much lower than everyone else’s . If tips are going to be taxed than the hourly wage needs to be at least 25 dollars an hour or more.  When you think of it waitresses are an integral factor of if that restaurant makes money or sinks. Alas if the cooking isn’t up to par then it’s still the waitress job to sell it…and as they are all amazing sales persons they usually save the day. So they should be paid accordingly. If sexual harrassment rears its ugly head it’s stamped out immediately . Just remember this number…85 million  Fox News paid out for just Bill O’Reilly.

No. 54………….New love….

Telepathic Serenity

Segments… of … observations.

Craving quiet moments…

Undisturbed sleep.

Yearning for a calm…



life shifts unexpectedly…

Singular reinvented.

A fresh new blueprint.

Proximity appreciated.

Closeness desired.

Apply at the front door…

Unforeseen suspense

Heart awkward…clumsy.



New life…new love…

Flustered tranquility…





Duality at peace.

No.53 Coffee stains…

Exact quote is :  “Do you want coffee?  NO. Thank-you.”  The quote from the movie Detective Montalbano  “Mirror Effect”. Andrea  Camilleri is the author for this series of books and movies.

I believe the woman doing the wash is the one who is asking Detective Montalbano if  he wants coffee. She is trying frantically to change the course of the discussion because she’s discovered not that her family member is the one who killed…the victim but that she has misjudged how hard it is to uncontaminate her wash from the notable coffee stains that were liberated when she used the wrong advice from her neighbor Senora Peppino. Curse her and her off spring!  Detective Montalbano is quickly shooed out the door without a concrete answer and alas his beloved espresso. Opening up her computer she promptly Googles a sure- bet way to alliviate the dreaded coffee stain from her washing.  No one would be able to question her Italian upbringing !!  Instantly she saw how Senora Peppino misled her down the road of imperfection. She had forgotten to blot the coffee immediately  from the shirt, she noted that it should be done on both sides.  Her blood boiled when she remembered that Senora Peppino had said to always use hot water…not cold. She had also told her that her sainted grandmother had always mixed a paste of  chili powder, oregano, and wild sage …massaged it into the stain …left to dry in the sun…then washed it out carefully in hot water. She had also told her slyly to soak it in balsomic vinegar over night after washing it carefully . We can only conclude that Detective Montalbano was again delivered to this neighborhood of seething estrogen … in the early morning hours, days later to try to figure out where Senora Peppino was. For she had mysteriously disappeared -while shopping for  that evenings dinner- to the utter despair of her family.

Alas….”A mali estremi , estremi  remedi.”   Desparate times call for desparate measures.

No. 52 Coffee? Certo!

Hi the exact quote is : ” Inspector, Sergeant- nice of you to come…coffee? ” This quote comes from Commissario Brunetti Episode 11. ” Death in a strange Country.” Author is Donna Leon.

I lived in two parts of Italy. First time, was in Florence on a art scholarship through my school in the U.S. called Minneapolis College of Art and Design. ( MCAD) I lived in an apartment with two guys Peter and Douglas. With only a semester of Italian before attempting to live there – I can honestly say it was frustrating but it definitely opened my eyes to the world  around me.  In Florence, when we had nothing to do we would play cards…drink Coke and eat dark chocolate.  A strange combination. I remember when drinking coffee it was always standing up because when you sat down in a bar or restaurant the price doubled. We travelled to Venice in the Spring. Douglas and I sat down in this picturesque  restaurant and forgot “The Rule” and our espresso costed us an arm and a leg!  I love watching Commissario Brunetti  for this reason- it so much reminds me of Italy and Venice. There are two versions for the movies-German and Italian. Both are excellent. Donna Leon is the author . I read her books voraciously before the movies came out.  You end up falling in love with all the characters. Commissario Brunetti’s first name is Guido. His wife Paola and two kids-Raffi and Chiara, her parents and even Guido’s mother become an integral part of the story. One story was about his mother inheriting from a friend tons of pink umbrellas with elephants on them…and his son starts selling them…only problem really was they didn’t keep you dry, after  awhile everyone knows it and boxes are everywhere in the front foyer of their home. Trials and tribulations of home life as Guido goes out and solves murders . Another interesting combination. The second time I lived in Italy was in Naples . I was a nanny for a year.  The mom Vera would make me a espresso each morning before I took the two kids to school . That espresso made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack. Way to strong for me. After awhile I had to have a watered down espresso to survive. Then I would go to this bar near the school and get a round pizza with tomato and a  piece of mozzerella in the middle. I was Happy. When I came back to the U.S. I was again shocked on how many ingredients  Americans put on their pizzas.  Once I heard, a story how these Italian kids cried when their pizza came out to their table..I could understand their emotional upheaval! There was a pizza place near Peter’s school  in Florence, that each piece was covered by one vegetable. OMG -it was so delicious ! It was like going to heaven!  Back to coffee…because coffee is such an integral part of Italian life you wouldn’t believe how many sketches and quotes I’ve found…Oh the fun we shall have…

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