No.110 The Coffee Connection…

The exact quote is : ” May I offer you a refreshment Mrs. Leaphorn? Coffee’s on…Help yourself.” The quote is from the movie series everyone should watch. “Skinwalkers- The Navaho Mysteries.” Season 1. Episode 1.

I love it when people greet me with the words…coffee’s on…help yourself…It just makes me feel so soft and cuddly. Those words help all the problems in that day disappear…the sun comes out …the gray clouds dissipate..butterflies start fluttering around…The simple act of adjusting someone else’s picture of the day by greeting and sharing goodness in a cup I think can ultimately cure-all the social ills in the world! One of us graciously pours out two cups of coffee and Whoosh…the something shifts …We sit down and chat…Maybe about mundane things …but soon my whole attitude shifts and afterwards I feel like the weight on my shoulders has lessened and anything that comes my way – I can handle. I suppose some folks feel this way about their churches and mosques. Fine with me. I figure, more people in the world distressed …floating on clouds of happiness …Well maybe we will make better decisions when it comes to other folks.  The other day I had one of those experiences.  Thursday nights are reserved to meet a friend to chat in Chinese. Upon entering one of my favorite coffee shop -The Dogwood Coffee Bar on Lake Street. I encountered the lady that creates all the coffee behind  the counters. She has a delightful laugh…and I’m kicking myself that I haven’t asked about her name so please excuse my bad manners. Today lets call-the lady  Charlemane?….Penelope??…Felicita?……no- none of these names fit her image. Ummm…O.k…. Hannah?…nooo…I’m going to settle on Clara today and then ask.. So I had told “Clara about this print I was making for an exchange with the theme of gardens. That Thursday evening, I brought one of my prints in for her. Of course, she was ecstatic. Moments later she said those magical words…” You’re Iced Cafe Miel is on me…”  We had words, a few laughs…I explained how I made the print to her inquiries. Before sitting down in my usual booth I thanked her for her coffee generosity and she thanked me for the print. What a perfect evening.  A perfect exchange of energies. Being me, I would have to describe it as a coffee connection. When I walked out the door at closing time I noticed all the mosquitos had disappeared….the sun was setting …I could smell flowers …there was cardinal singing in the background and the world was at peace.

P.s. I asked and the barista’s name is Christa.

Got Dogwood ? Coffee mug…Everyone should have at least 10 of these…

Try out the Roasters Choice sampler of Dogwood coffee…

The Navaho Skinwalkers …really interesting

I know it’s a rug…but I’d rather look at it on the wall…



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