No. 108 Thank-you Ma’am.

The exact quote is : ” Thank-you for the coffee ma’am.”  The quote is from the movie series:  “Skinwalkers The Navaho Mysteries. Season 1. Episode 1.

It’s come to my attention, of a truly bad business decision surrounding Dunkin’ Donuts and the Police Department  in New York City.  A worker at the 1993 Atlantic Ave. Dunkin’ Donut and Baskin Robbin store refused service to two policemen who had come in to order ice cream cones. The worker stupidly said out loud the words ” I don’t serve the cops.”  When confronted, the store management came up with the story that it was because of the layout of the store and the policemen had gone to the wrong register to pay. I know there are two parts to any story.. Always remember this boys and girls…You are always representing the corporate world of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbin. Every thing you say or do that puts this company in a bad light justifies your firing. Surprisingly the management didn’t take the whole situation to seriously until a boycott started.  The worker should have been fired and a public apology should of been released into all the New York papers as well as numerous ice cream gift certificates sent to the Police Department. If you want to work in our establishment leave your political beliefs outside the door. Instead the management went silent …thought they could get under the radar without an apology. Bad decision on their part. Put up a sign in the restaurant that” it wouldn’t happen again.” That’s not an apology. That’s not a good way to placate those who were humiliated for some other policeman’s mistakes.  Are the businesses so afraid of saying they screwed up that they can’t say they are sorry?  Is it easier to  hide behind a preposterous story then say the truth? I believe the parent company above all these franchisees could have found a better  solution. One that wouldn’t  hurt this specific store …as well as all the rest of the stores.  One article,  stated that there are 19,000 Dunkin’ Donut and Baskin Robbins stores in 60 countries. We all know that with our news cycle as it is …the company is probably hoping we will be inundated with other news that this will make the boycott fade from our memory…It doesn’t work that way…Humans have long memories… In my state of Minnesota, after a ten-year absence , 24 Dunkin’ Donut stores  have opened up, 6 more are in planning stages and this is only in the Twin Cities area. Every time I googled  the question  of how  many Dunkin’ Donuts are in Minnesota?  I couldn’t come up with a concrete answer. I guess it would say my standards run high on  all these new franchises in Minnesota 1 ) that are paying all their workers $15 dollars an hour. more for the salaried management. 2) Healthcare benefits, including Dental for all, part time included. 3) ongoing college enrichment courses paid by the parent company . To benefit their workers as well as to help support the universities and colleges in the area surrounding their stores. 4) Most important that each year they donate at least 58% of their sales to all the Police funds all around the world. With this comes a full apology of every newspaper in United States.

Real police officer socks ….great Birthday gift.

My dad’s a police officer T-shirt.

I like big busts coffee mug…

Women make good police officer too and they deserve T-shirts too.





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