No. 107 Arsenic in my …..

Exact quote is : ” He took the last cup from the tray on the bookcase…swallowed deeply and grimaced. “God… Vance! This tastes like one of your acid baths!  Page 20. Quote was taken from the book “One Coffee With” by Margaret Maron. Oconee Spirit Press. U.S.A. 2012.

I think every art student could write and publish their own murder mystery. There’s all kinds of things you learn in art school that could to tempting to “accidently ” kill off the one professor that is  limiting your movement toward graduation. I had a few of those. I had a drawing teacher who told me I came into her class with an “F’ aptitude in drawing and the highest grade she could give me was  a “C.” ( Mind you, I worked my tail off in that class. Hours I would spend slaving over one drawing…) There was this one student that would brag-that she had whipped  her assignment up 10 minutes before  class …and I will say it did look professional. Everyone in class knew she was going to get an “A”.  So, I could of knocked off both the professor from hell and the lack dazzle student …But I didn’t.  Or what about my sculpture teacher -He was a doozy. There actually was a support group in the school for this teacher. A friend brought me in with the words…”It’s going to happen soon…get ready..” And I went on in his classes  totally oblivious . Until one day, I made one comment . Eight words. “Oh —–, I can’t believe you said that.” From then on-he demanded that I   drop his class and I’d get an “A” or finish the class and I’d get an   “F” . What do you think I did? Fill his coffee thermos with arsenic? Nope! Set a mechanism that would blow up his office? Nope! Send my grievances to the national papers -wipe out his accreditation and tenure….Nope ! I finished the class. It was on the matter of principal. My college  councelor, said I should of said the same 8  words but changed one to a better one.….”Oh,—— what you just said was “inappropriate. Ummmmm .I don’t think that would of helped my situation any. But I didn’t kill him- he died of old age and a broken heart because he knew his ways had hurt  soo many  female artists.  I didn’t kill him …I swear. Let’s divert all this attention away from me O.K.? How about the weather?  That storm last night was just horrible. So much water! Blah…blah…blah… Today the sun is out ….I’m so glad . That gray weather was starting to bug me…… So, if you want a fun read on the beach or a quick pick me up on the train back home…then read this book- One Coffee With. I would highly recommend it as a good read. It very much reminded me of my school. The bickering behind closed doors, the envious looks, the spying , back-stabbing …catty …under-handed behaviors. Almost sounds like the West Wing. Amazing. I was always described by my sister as a goody-two -shoes. So you don’t have to worry about me… doing anything sinister. Just relax…have a cup of coffee.

The actual book: One Coffee With by Margaret Maron…

Knowledge is power…History of Arsenic..

There’s a Doc Marten episode where a woman is dying from arsenic poisoning and he discovers it’s from the wallpaper removal…

“Victorian” Inn Instant Cappuccino English toffee coffee….

A book on what they forgot to teach us in art school….and Artist Survival in the real world…






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