No.106 I want some coffee.

Exact quote is : “I want some coffee.:  Alfred Hitchcock.  Season 1 Episode 16.

Well of course he wants coffee …He’s been in the slammer . He just escaped. So if I was writing my first screenplay for a Broadway hit…I would start with this description . Man wearing husband’s cast-off clothing turns to the right facing the  woman-cutting her off from the door her only escape route..Full lights glaring from above brightening up her kitchen. The woman’s back is parallel to the oddly colored pink refrigerator. She is facing the man. While the man is standing oddly his neck seems to be disjointed . It’s explained to the viewers in the handout that  he received the neck wound by climbing over an eight foot fence covered in barbed wire. Being chased by bloodhounds only worsened his predicament, adding to his stress, tightening his neck and  shoulder muscles leaving him to carry his body leaning to the right. She seems terrified but really she’s watching his twitching face in awe.  Dialogue is slow. Man: ” I want some coffee.” Woman: ” Are you injured? ” Man: ” I want some coffee.” Woman startled from her reverie asks ” Do you want Ethiopian? or a Sumatran blend ? We also have Love Buzz, Death Wish and Elephant Dung Coffee which would you prefer? ” Man: Wavers understandably puzzled. Woman:Speaking quickly  ” In the freezer we also have Tanzania Arabica, Blue Mountain Arabica from Jamaica and a Java Robusta from Indonesia. My husband Oscar loves coffee…Do you know which you’d like to try?” Man; Now clearly irritated is feeling a slight headache coming on and tries to swivel his neck around so he can look  directly into the  face of the homeowner. Woman: Keeps up her insistent prattle …”Do you like your coffee with cream? With sugar? or just plain black? Sometimes I like to make Vietnamese coffee… I found an excellent  recipe its secret ingredient is canned Carnation condensed sweetened milk . I just love it!” Man: Groans. Woman: Growing bolder starts setting out breakfast …”I like bacon with my toast …would you like store-bought jam or my homemade cherry jam? Man: Quiet. Woman: “Did you want your eggs over easy? or sunny side up? Oh, I also am really good at making scrambled eggs …Which would you like?”  Man: Now sitting down back towards the  door facing the pink refrigerator. Woman: ” I have a french press if you want to try it…or I can make it with my aero press…both are nice …Which would you prefer? ” Man: Groans…now holding head heavily between his two hands silently. Woman: ” Oh hello Officer…would you like some coffee ? Lighting suddenly shifts to man with twisted neck muscles groaning…grunting unintelligibly . Sweat glistens on his nose. Lighting fades out as we see the Officer grab his handcuffs . Last thing we hear is CLICK !!  Applause will be greatly appreciated. Celebratory cake and coffee will be served after  curtain  calls. 

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine…50 years of crime and suspense…

This movie always gives me the willies….one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best: Birds…

Who really has a death wish? This coffee is brilliant!

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee…



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