No.104 Black Coffee…

The exact quote is: ” Coffee …to go…right?”  The quote is from the movie everyone should see…Coffee in Berlin. This movie was written and directed by Jan-Ole Gerster. It was released in 2012.

So the main actor of this movie Nik spends the whole movie moving around an exaggerated  day of  obstacles. From an almost breakup of a girlfriend to a father who has decided to maybe replace him with his assistant. I would call it an extremely bad day. What he really wants is a good cup of coffee…but for this day he’s like Indiana Jones in that he has to jump across canyons of space only to be back stabbed by one of his comrades all for a golden head. To Nik, coffee is but a symbol of the golden head. At one point his bank card is eaten in an ATM…In another moment the machine is broken. Can the day get any worse?  Of course!  He missed the last call… The machine was just cleaned-no more orders …HIs ulitmate misfortune that day was …he doesn’t have enough money. In a posh coffee shop with an overly talkative barista he’s found himself in a version of cacophony of coffee hell in that there’s too many versions of coffee. To add to his torture there’s too many types of coffee beans with their added explanations.  He also notices with added trepidation that the prices have  escalated beyond his means. He whines at one point all he wants is plain black coffee. He  almost achieves his quest but is robbed from ecstasy… when faced with lack of funds. He can only watch in total disbelief as the barista pours it down the drain in front of him. I believe,  that this barista has  sadistic behaviors hidden underneath her chatty exterior. She probably should be a hedge fund person instead of a barista.  Just thinking about this barista makes me feel sweaty…I felt dizzy getting up from my chair…my footsteps were miscalculated and unsure. That someone can have such power over another is a daunting idea. It was probably a hellish experience to see his precious portion of black gold being tossed.  Another version of torment for Nik were all the types of coffee concoctions this woman could create. I heard one description in the new movie called appropriately “Coffee Shop.” I found it on Netflix. A cute chick flick that has romantic overtones is how I would describe it.  In it, a coffee patron comes in and orders: ” A med triple caramel dream with half a pump of coconut and a third of the caramel. ”  These words would have tormented Nik.  Max, a regular at this fictional coffee shop asked the question ” Did he order a coffee or a wedding cake?  Which was a perfect quip to the over exaggerated sweet concoction. All Nik wanted was a cup of black coffee…was that such a hard request to fill?


A classic Black and white movie on trying to order black coffee…

Just a fun, romantic movie about interactions around a coffee shop.

 Major Dickason’s blend ..Dark Roast



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