No. 105 Personal Transjection….

My world

seems smaller.

My comfort zone

is tight.

Nightly stillness.

Knowing future

transjection .

In between two

this Summer.

And three… this Fall.

Foreign music

vibrating in my

home’s walls.

Chinese classes.

New words

and characters.


with Chung.

Iced coffee

with  laughter.

Expansion of

my thoughts…

Painting my kitchen floor


With  large

multicolored dots…



taking long walks…

Only I…can

cross canyons…

climb mountains…

dance till midnight

and beyond.

When my mind is open…

and my heart unstrung.

Make your own cold brew iced coffee….

Or…keep things simple buy Starbucks Frappuccino both Mocha and Vanilla flavors…

Book: How to change your life in the next 15 minutes!



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