No.103 A Skinwalker is not a Zombie.

The exact quote is : ” Would you like some coffee? ” The quote is from the movie series Skinwalkers-The Navaho Mysteries.  “Shinwalker” Season 1. Episode 1. Written by James Redford.  Directed by Chris Eyre. All the books and stories were originally written by Tony Hillerman.

It’s just such a calm moment when Emma Leaphorn asks Jim Chee her husband’s new sidekick in solving crime to have coffee with her. As I said before -I thought there might of been a bet going on in the background on how many times she could ask him specifically if he wanted to have coffee during each episode. At times I also thought that it might be ritual like thing done when a guest comes to the door. Emma Leaphorn had talked her stoic husband to returning to the Navaho Reservation to heal from cancer . I also thought with these coffee  breaks she was able to find friendship while reconnecting . Jim Chee was from the reservation and had just returned as an FBI  Academy grad, in his off hours he was also training to be a Traditional Medicine Man. I’m not sure why I shied away from this series but when I started to watch it I found myself attatched and wondrous to the scenery. I also thought all the actors where amazing .In the background and throughout the stories there are stories of skinwalkers which to most folks they would say reminds them of Zombies. But they are very different. They are connected  to  Native American Lore and still to this day they speak of them as real people. Skinwalkers are basically human that are alive but are using rituals to change into something else.  Like humans they can be aggressive or even kill another. They can haunt or hassle people by scary screams and circling homes…tapping on windows. Which usually terrifies the inhabitants. In many stories they body change into dogs that can chase cars…or humans that can climb into pickups and tap on windows. They can change into wolves or coyotes. People say if you see a dog running with a sideways gait it’s really a skin walker. A lot of the stories came from folks out on a walk and they were accosted with a being with red orange eyes that chased them. One writer told a story where he went home to the reservation and asked stupidly if skin walkers even existed? That night one appeared with a unearthly scream . Most folks believe that if you are disrespectable to the skinwalkers you become a focus….to scare. In most of the stories the only way people felt they may be saved was to recite Navaho prayers or to shoot guns in the vincity to scare them away. There have been also sightings of  bear shaped body with a human head that was painted white. Sometimes people say they also smelled a strong smell of rotting flesh. Usually alot of these stories take place on tribal lands.  Somehow stories have criss-crossed the world and in Australia there have been sightings as well. I believe  this may be because there are Aboriginal Indians in Australia and they have many stories as well.  If you want to learn more see if you can get your hands on these four books. 1) Legends of the Wolfman by Betty Smith.  2) Hunt for the Skinwalker by George Knap and Colm  Kelleher. 3) Werewolf to Hogan: The Navaho Experience by Daniel Steele. and 4) Yenaalglooshii: Mormon Accounts of Werewolfism on the Navaho Indian Reservation.


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