No.102 The Hunky Bald Guy…

The exact quote is : ” This morning I was drinking coffee by the window.”  The quote is from Detective Montalbano. Series 1. Episode 10 ” The Goldfinch and the Cat.” This Episode was directed be Alberto Sironi.  The stories are created and written by an impressive Italian writer called Andrea Camilleri.

So a while back, I signed up for an evening language class …I asked the head guy ..” Will it be a beginning Italian class? ” He said “Yes” then I asked do you have Korean? He said “No, but what about Chinese ? ” I thought…why not? that was I think 4 or 5 years ago and still I wade through my characters …But the other night I was literally stuck. I could not find this one character for” Bald”  And then the next day it was right in front of me doing the wiggle wiggle dance sticking its tongue out at me.  So today I thought I wonder if I can translate my title ” The Hunky Bald Guy” in Chinese. I can get adventurous when it comes to languages…Let’s start with the word:  Hunky (Which is slang I think for really cute.) H-U-N-K-Y…nope !  O.k.  H-A-N-D-S-O-M-E….nope ! o.k. What about C-U-T-E ( I know this is a woman’s word for a cute guy) …nope again!  This is hard work. So in the end of an hour of searching I’m stuck with “Ta shi yi ge tu nanren.” ( It’s in Pingin without the tones…it means basically : He is a bald man.) … It’s much easier to say and find in Italian being he’s my imaginary heart-throb I just have to say Bello! I have no idea what “Bald” is in Italian but  it doesn’t matter I’ve decided this man without much hair is so handsome. I can just imagine him standing by the window sipping  his morning espresso. Salvo ! When will we meet again ?  Ooola…la.  So try to get your hands on these movies. This one I’ve watched a couple of times . It starts with a reoccurring theme of muggings of older women near the church which puts the police administration above Salvo in an uproar. Strangely enough the women are shot at with blanks and their purses are grabbed by a motorcyclist. The fourth time something goes wrong and a woman dies so Commissario Salvo Montablano  with his crew has to figure it out quick. Throughout the movie Mimi his side kick is stressed to the max trying to decide if he really should get married.  If you want to learn how to swear in Sicilian than this is a good movie to learn from. I can’t remember if the subtitles really tell us the words he’s saying so don’t be worried. I tried to find out why a goldfinch is used in the title …I guess goldfinches are like finding a penny and making a wish. The symbolism linked to Goldfinches is inner knowledge or prophecies. I’m sure the writer Andrea Camerelli had a reason for the title. For me, I always like to see them chowing out on the sunflower plant in my garden. They are tiny in size, bright yellow and full of energy. Always fun to watch as I sip my espresso dreamily thinking of Salvo – as I stare out my window.


A great way to spend an afternoon – Pyramid of Mud by Andrea Camilleri

Season 1 Commissario Montablano ….

Learn to speak Sicilian…

a 1842 Antique color Lithograph print of a Goldfinch Yellow Winged Bunting.


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