No.101 Crash Coffee….

The exact quote is : ” Is there any chance for that coffee before I crash.” The movie series this quote was taken from is ” The Brief.”  Series 2. Episode 3  “Forever on the Mind” Written and created by; Dusty Hughes. Directed by : David Drury.

The Brief is a movie series that takes place in London, England. It’s about a barrister named  Henry Farmer who’s work life and personal life clash fully thoughout the series. An ex-wife…overdue alimony payments…debt acrued from gambling…after a while there is even a man that trails him watching where and how  he spends his money. Henry seems to take it all in stride. When I think of two kind of jobs that seem  to suck the life out of the people- I would say lawyers and doctors. We can clearly see that the  young man in the sketch is a doctor. Did you know that the maximum workday for first year medical residents just got extended from 16 hours to 28 hours?  At times they can work  24 hours shifts without even having breaks. One of the new rules is that they can’t work more than 80 hours a week ! In the small print it said they must have at least one day off in a 7 day span. Think about how a schedule like that would wreak havoc on a girlfriend or a new marriage. They also stated that sleep deprived physicians can be dangerous not only to themselves but also to the patients and even the public. Overworked, sleep deprived , dealing with high expectations with themselves and families over life and death situations,  intense debt plus the intense competiveness between other doctors…makes you wonder if parents really knew what it was like would we push our kids into this field. I read somewhere there’s a high suicide rate connected to this work. Which made me sad.  So to crash as the quote said made me wonder.  There is such a thing as “Crash and Burn” which means to fail horribly. Crash can also mean a person who has an emotional breakdown. We say sometimes we are going to crash when we’ve stayed up to late and a crash pad is a place where one goes to sleep. But with this quote he’s saying he needs coffee because he knows he’s having an energy drop from a sugar rush from a  candy bar lunch from the vending machine  and he knows a coffee may help him surge forward to finish his shift.


An English Barrister Wig to make you feel authentic.

Got a Barrister? Coffee mug…

The Brief complete series at an surprisingly low price.

A Black Barrister storage cabinet for all the law books, CDs. Movies…dvds….




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