No.99 Cheese whiz in coffee?

The exact quote is : “Cheese? Coffee’s coming.”  This amazing quote is from the movie series Midsomer  Murders Season 7. Episode 7 . “Ghosts of Christmas Past.”

Midsomer Murders…season 7.

There are people in the world that throw chunks of cheese in their coffee -It’s true…It’s not fake news! Always curious …I ended up googling my morning away …reading articles and comments on how delicious it was. I’m amazed. It’s weird we put cream in our coffee -why not cheese?  Course when you think about it …lots of people dip cookies in coffee so why not push the envelope and dip in a  grilled cheese sandwich? And why do you ask I would leap to such an idea? Because in all the articles they said to always have on hand- toast. So  why not save on time and effort and make a grilled cheese sandwich…right?  As with all things there are people that always forget to buy real cheese that end up at the gas station eyeing the large jars of Cheese Whiz.  This is but another type  of cheese in a spreadable form. Alot of hungry people eat it with chips and salsa.  To the connoisseurs of real cheese they like to use  either Swedish Kaffeost cheese , Queso Blanco cheese or Cheddar Cheese.  After drinking their coffee, the commentators would talk how they would eat the melted cheese promptly with their spoon or spread it  on the convieniently  uneaten toast nearby. This morning I came across an article about how delicious-coffee soaked  chunks of cheese melted in the coffee tasted . One person said it was like taking a shot of  Tiramisu in their espresso. If you find yourself feeling squeamish on trying to use real melted cheese in your coffee-then just grab your jar of Cheese Whiz…fling the lid off…grab your  spoon, eye measure the jar then put in about a third of the jar -into your coffee cup. Stop for a minute- breath in deeply ..enjoying this adventurous moment..then  pour your  steaming hot coffee into your mug…Now doesn’t that feel good? O.K. get ready …put out your toast in the toaster…grab your newspaper…and sip away.    I feel like we will soon hear of support groups discussing the pros and cons of this blog post -that’s fine. Since I’ve already had my coffee this morning I’ll let you experiment . Tell me what you think O.K.?


12 American Cheese Cheese Wiz…out of the can into the mouth..late night snack.

#Whiz? coffee mug….

Guys need crazy cheezy socks too….

Try a tried and true coffee…Hygge Coffee Guatemala Medium Roast.







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