No.98 Always thinking about coffee….

The exact quote is: ” You want a coffee?” The quote came out of one of my favorite movie series called Detective Montalbano. Episode 28. ” The Mud Pyramid.”

So back in the psychiatrist’s office …instead of chatting about all my problems we are again discussing coffee. Weird Uh?  Not really, when you think how coffee pervades every corner of our lives. When describing Minnesota we usually say it has ten thousand lakes. But I always say in jest that really it’s ten thousand coffee shops. A lot of them are in Minneapolis….which will bug the  coffee shops in St. Paul which is just across the MIssissippi River from Minneapolis. It just seems like they are harder to find …whereas in Minneapolis I can shut my eyes walk forward twenty steps turn right, hop four times on my left foot and Voila! I am in front of a coffee shop. It’s almost magical. So, back in the office …strangely enough there isn’t the prescribed leather chaise for me to lay back  and moan about my life. I have to sit up straight in a modern version of a chair…The decor is also quite sterile…no books or pictures to gaze into- very boring. I will call my psychiatrist ummm …Sue…Dr. Sue. She  has brought up the idea of how in the past  people would pause a conversation with  whacking their cigarette pack a couple of times on the palm of their  hand then take out a cigarette to smoke.  At least that was how it was when I was in High School. I didn’t smoke. I was a goody two shoes in my family. But really, I was on the swimming team and to swim a length of the pool… -on one breath …well that’s clearly impossible if you smoked. So while my friends smoked I probably read a book, played with my long hair or twitched..I’m sure they thought they were really cool.  But now days we either glance down at our phones or drink coffee . Both of these things seem perpetually attached to  our hands. So I read this weird theory that both cigarettes and coffee are linked with not being breast fed. Interesting idea. I know with surety that because their were three brothers before me that by the time I was born  my mom was already tired so I was  fed with a bottle. Also I can attest that there was milk in the bottle not coffee because my mom would of thought that was a really stupid idea. So it makes you wonder when I started to be  fascinated  with coffee.  Mind you, this is an excellent issue to talk over with your psychiatrist . I’m sure Freud would have something to say about coffee if he was still alive. Luckily, for me -he’s really dead. Please note that Freud isn’t a Zombie either-  luckily again for me …you never see little bearded men wearing spectacles walking the zombie walk so he won’t be able to haunt me when he see’s me entering my favorite coffee shop -The Dogwood  Coffee Bar  on Lake Street. Phew!


Commissario Montablano and the Mud Pyramid..Episode 28

I speak Fluent Italian …T-shirt.

Nest of Vipers book by Andrea Camilleri….

Sicilian Caffe Gineva Miscela Silver coffee.





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