No.97 A Bossy coffee….

The exact quote is : ” Drink your coffee …Eric.” This quote is from the English drama called LoveJoy Series 1. Episode 2. ” The Sting”

So just for fun I called up my youngest brother Erik. His name ends with a “K”.  The dialogue went like this:.  Me: “Hey Erik …do you drink coffee?” Erik:”Well of course… but I’m trying to cut back on amount.” Me: ” So how many cups of coffee do you drink each day? ”  Erik: “Only one.”  Me: “Per day?” Erik: “Yep.”  Me: ” Do you drink with cream?” Erik: ” Nope!” Me: “Do you drink it at home? ” Erik: ” Yep!” Me: ” Or do you drink it out…like the sweet concoctions…?” Erik: “Nope!” Me:”How do you drink it ? ”  Erik: “Black.” When you think about it- getting coffee information from your brothers is like pulling teeth… After that we talked about everyone else in the family. It was a catch-up moment…with my” baby” brother…Now let us get  serious here. I think this quote has such an air of finality to it. It’s kind of bossy…Drink your coffee …Eric. I can just imagine if I was still a kid with my “baby” brother this is how the conversation would go…” Come on Erik…we have to go in ten minutes ..Erik…stop dawdling…Erik…Can’t you see I’m sweating it…My coach said if I late one more time I’ll be kicked of the team…Erik drink your milk! You know mom will yell at me if she comes in and we are still here…Hey quit kicking my  chair….it’s making me nervous…come on quit acting like  you don’t know what I’m talking about…Can’t you chew any faster than that? Forget what mom said about chewing things a long time … I know you are missing your front teeth …come on Erik drink some more milk. ..we’ve got to get going… Drink your milk -Erik! With your mouth closed -I don’t need to see your tonsils today!  …OMG we’ve only got 5 minutes left…Erik can’t you chew faster than that?  O.K. let’s get your shoes on…What ? Where are your socks? Let’s do something fun today- NO SOCKS  Here let me tie them up …great let’s go…Last one out of the house is a nincompoop! and it’s not going to be me! Luckily, now Erik is a grown up man with a beautiful wife and two amazing kids….I have a feeling that I would still be the older more wiser, responsible, beautiful, creative, loving, adorable,number one sister….so the conversation would be something like this… Drink your coffee…Erik…it’s going to get cold…no I don’t want to discuss politics today…But tell me about your trip but make it quick…We’ve got to get going….OMG isn’t that a ticket lady? Grab your cup Erik!  OH…Oh…Oh…Yes that’s my car….I’m leaving right now….I was waiting for my brother to finish his coffee…


Two brothers coffee Roasters… 10 count single serve cups…

You will always be my brother coffee mug…

Best little Brother t-Shirt.






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