No. 94 Coffee Requests….

The Exact quote is: ” Oh, coffee … that would be lovely.” The quote came out the British Drama  LoveJoy Series 1. Episode 2.  ” The Sting.”

Things one can say when someone else is picking up the coffee ….

Can you pick up two boxes of Chocolate Eclairs? Don’t forget the cream….

Could you pretty please stop and get my dry cleaning? It’s on the way… right on the street that the coffee shop is on…Can you ask if they got that spot off my blue blouse as well? And tell them they still owe me for the jeans they shrunk . If it goes over ten dollars I’ll pay you in end of the month…O.K.? You’re a  such dream boat!

OH,  please get a to go container of real cream…I can’t stand the little shrunken creamers. Can you ask them as well for a dollop of honey so I can create a Cafe Miel for break…You’re a Peach! What ? You can’t ? Don’t you love me anymore? I thought we were best buds?

Oh jees…can you also stop at Lunds and pick up four all cheese pizzas? It’s walking distance from the coffee shop.  A good work-out. You know ,you can also go the Deli area and buy some fresh mozzarella with a loaf of bread and of course the best and most expensive olive oil there is ….Oh…don’t forget the tomatoes..I’d prefer the heirlooms…if possible.

Can you buy  five  soy machiatos…two coconut dirty chai  and an espresso  plus six blueberry muffins we prefer the low-fat version..Can you also buy three almond croissants as well…you are such a love bug!

Hey can you make sure the lids are on tight and nothing spills in the car? I won’t even mention last time when that smell invaded our car from the spilled milk…. I’m sorry I can’t come to help carry all the drinks…this is really important. You are such a Ducky-Poo.

OH…OH…can you stop at Target as well …it’s so helpful that you are helping me …yes ..yes the list is quite long…but you can save time by stopping in at Starbucks …by then you’ll have a cart and you won’t have to carry anything…. OH I love you so much!

Oh I forgot can you also pick up the kids at the Daycare on the way….I know it’s a hassle but it would save so much time… I’ll pick up the two older ones at their school. Don’t forget the diaper bag…I think we are getting low on diapers…could you possibly pick up a bag…I know I’m asking a lot…you know they call you Uncle Pee …they think it’s really funny.

Oh you are the muscle in my heart…you pull my strings every time…by the way can you pick up some bread, buns, brats, ketchup and eggs for tomorrow morning….You know I would do anything for you within reason…OH can you also buy salsa and chips …I love when our eyes meet…across the room….Oh yah…cheese…I need cheese…and please please don’t forget the coffee !

Chocolate Eclairs made by O&H Danish…

A gift card for those short on cash…from Amazon…

LoveJoy Season 1 on DVD.

Prime Pantry…even better prices in Amazon….this coffee is Columbia Arabic 1/2 the price…


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