No. 92 Fish…Dish…Swish…

The Exact quote is shouted  in a agitated voice :” Oi! This coffee -it rhymes with a ” P” ….fish, dish, swish! ”  This is how DI Rebus described his  coffee he had just sipped then he..quickly  spit out the rest of the coffee and in one swoop  tossed the offending cup of coffee into the garbage can. In total bewilderment DS Sioban Clarke his counterpart in solving crimes also tosses her unsipped coffee . The quote is from the Britiish Police drama series Rebus. Set 1. ” The Falls”

I think the literary world is awfully thankful Ian Rankin became a crime writer. Sometimes by chance, in the library I can find a whole shelf of his books. While researching him I also found that he’s written under another name Jack Harvey. I can only celebrate the fact there’s more books in this genre. Rebus is one of his most popular characters . He almost didn’t become a writer . His parents wanted him to go into a trade while he wanted to study literature in college In Edinburgh. Then he went off to work four years in London.While in rural France for six years he started to really write. But his list of jobs should be mentioned …he worked as a grape-picker, swineherd,  alcohol researcher, hi- fi journalist, taxman, college secretary, and a punk musician in a group called the Dancing Pigs.  All these different work experiences probably just made him a more well-rounded individual that after a while found writing made him more whole. Cool. Along the way he’s also written plays, graphic novels, documentaries as well as numerous books. He has a house near…J.K. Rowlings (Harry Potter books…,) Alexander McCall Smith ( The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency..) and Kate Atkinson ( also and well-known author.) What I thought was funny was a statement I found saying Edinburgh had Detective Rebus and Oxford, England had Inspector Morse. Both detectives I would describe as cynical, world-weary, hard-drinking, known to break rules and always the womanizer. Interesting idea is that Morse is short for Morse Code and Rebus is defined as a puzzle. Using combinations of words and pictures. It said this way in latin…Non Verbis Sed Rebus… means basically, not by words but by things. A real easy example is a picture of an  ape and a picture of an ax which stands for the word” APEX” .  A rebus is known as a gramogram.  His books are on all the continents-written in 22 languages.

A collection of Rebus movies…

The book that started it all…No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency…book.

A collection of Inspector Morse movies…

Java Planet Organic ..variety pack…you need coffee to watch all these movies…






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