No.91 A Spotted…What?

The exact quote is: ” Eleven spotted dicks and one black coffee…” The quote is from the movie series  Pie in the Sky.  Series 3. Episode 6.

So if you are a person that doesn’t know what a spotted dick is …don’t worry. I did a survey of 15 Minnesotans and most of them when asked- cringed. Five of them asked if it was some kind of sex toy?  Three asked if it was some kind of animal one would eat? One person who was going again to London, laughed and said he knew what it was…The remaining six looked at me as if I was deranged …a few of them slowly backed away and one asked when next I had an appointment with my psychiatrist?  To set things straight … Someone in the movie Pie in the Sky has ordered eleven spotted dicks …to eat…so one can only deduce that it’s some kind of food… Right? Dale, the guy that knew exactily what it was …said to me-in a knowledgable voice- it was a British pudding. It very much reminded me of something we made as kids at Christmas time called Plum Pudding. Both are made with suet, dried fruit and  currants . Usually, it’s topped with a custard topping. Our version of Plum Pudding we would set aflame with sugar cubes doused with rum. Afterwards we would eat it with a rum sauce. Delicious!  I don’t think my mom would of allowed us to call it a spotted dick…or a spotted dog or a spotted Richard. It would of been a great source of amusement to us…though I have a feeling she would of felt the “word-dick …” would of been inappropriate. No questions …NOT ALLOWED.

Out of curiousity, I wondered what else is spotted… there is the “Spotted Australian Cattle Dog.” This  dog was in the movie Babe and Mad Max movies.  It’s a great dog for herding long distances over rough terrain.  A hard worker.  We have spotted cows in Minnesota …the standing joke was that was where we got chocolate chip ice cream…but really a  Spotted Cow is a farmhouse ale created in New Glarius , Wisconsin. It’s only distributed in Wisconsin.  Which has gotten bars in Minnesota in trouble because they’ve  tried to serve it. It’s called-“Over the border”. Which I guess is a felony. Let’s see what else I can find while googling…S-P-0-T-T-E-D…UMMM….OH…a Australian Spotted Duck. Which is quite misleading because it originated in Pennslyvania, USA. A noted fact about them is that they love to forage…eat slugs, snails, sow bugs, Japanese Beetles and Mosquito Larvae in Ponds and puddles. Now this is my kind of duck.  Also there’s the spotted horse called the Appaloosa. These are the horses they have found drawn in ancient Greece and in Prehistoric European countries in the caves drawings. Shows how long they’ve been around.  Oh I know this spotted fact…Robin eggs are spotted  or speckled. There is also a Spotted Monkey but unlike its animalistic counterparts its a restaurant in Chicago  known for it’s Asian Mexican Fusion cooking.  If in Chicago, it’s address is 335 E. Franklin Street  .(312-285-2303) check it out.



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