No.90 I’m feeling frisky…


I feeling  frisky…tonight.

It wasn’t the whisky..

It wasn’t the gin..

It was the Cafe Miel

we shared with a grin.

tonight’s soiree

brought with it

spectacular news!

Sean Spicer

has stepped down.

His dismissal

was grim.

Instead of chagrin,

he spoke of honor

and privilege

for serving ..”him.”

Six months for smoothing

out all the problematic


Calming down the media.

Filling out the press secretary’s shoes..

While he ate crow pie.

Replaced by a man with a strange


“ I wish him well and I hope he goes on to make

a tremendous amount of money “said Mooch.

A strange thing to say.. as you wave good bye

with one hand

While your other hand

pushes Sean Spicer out the back door.

Personally, I think it would have been

a horrible job…

for any personality.

May he’ll wake up tomorrow …

with the sun shining on his

front steps …a changed man.

An environmentalist… a Progressive thinker…singing a new tune..


Zolos Coffee Roasters Farmhouse Medium Roast.

Could you make me a Cafe Miele on my new Miele Blacktop coffee maker…please….

Sean Spicer’s new book called “The Briefing”

Paul Wellstone was a MInnesota Senator…and a Progressive thinker…



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