No.88 The State Fair…

Being rejected is the oddest thing.

Dear Therese…

I’m sorry that…

you were not picked…

In irritation…

I took a catnap

of no sleep.

Then I went out to

stamp out …the

ceaseless  weeds.

Two big bags…

Muscle saturation


Brain still whirling…

Sadness still bare.

A sense of utter  despair.

 Incognito curator

will never know

how much work

went into it.

The frustations

that made me weep.

And still I finished it…

and sent it in.

To be led down

the road

of no access.

Rejection is never



Can you imagine people drinking the strongest coffee at the State Fair? Try Banned Coffee

Drink the Banned Coffee …in a got fair coffee cup….

State Fair DVD by Twilight Zone…

How to Deal with Rejection…Book by Patricia Carlisle


6 thoughts on “No.88 The State Fair…

Add yours

  1. I’m so sorry…. You are an immensely talented artist!!! Don’t let that incognito curator take the wind from your sails.


    1. thanks for you words. Many printmakers won’t even try so it makes the number small for getting in. I’ve been weeding a lot. I’ve upset for 3 days -it’s probably time to let it go and make a new print. Actually I have to make one for a print exchange that’s due August 1…I just started cutting it out. Leave me your address and i’ll send you one when it’s done. (in the theme of gardens.) Today I work . Onward Ho.


    1. the problem is that the numbers are very low for printmakers ex. “14” for the whole state…part of the problem is a lot of printers don’t get in and give up trying. So from Christmas onward i’m telling and urging people to put prints in -very frustrating . The print I put up this year is Blog 79 -Wrong Page. Just fun and all ages understand it. Oh. well. Next year. thanks for your words.


    1. Thank-you …I was just so sad after not being picked. Oh well something with being an artist – my brain is thinking of a new print. funny Uh? Thanks for your words of encouragement and commissario is dreamy! definitely


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