No. 87. Mocha Latte…

The exact quote is : “Well, can you get me a mocha latte, PLEASE.”  The quote is from the movie series Grays’s Anatomy Season 2. Episode 4. “Deny, Deny, Deny.’

Gray’s Anatomy Season 2…

Within reason, I believe that visitors in a hospital situation should always bend over backwards for their acquaintances stuck in that uncomfortable bed facing you as you enter the room. Think of it, every  fifteen minutes or so someone invades their supposedly personal space to check their blood pressure while stabbing them with a needles…Sleep? What is that?  It’s more like cat naps. After awhile any good natured person will turn into a growling bear. So if visiting a person in the hospital  please follow these requests…

1). Always talk in a melodic voice. It’s hard. Try for 10 minutes and then extend it to a half an hour. If you need to sing instead of talking go for it. It might bring on a comediac relief  spasm of laughter but it’s a noted fact that that spasm can hasten the healing process. Much better than medicines you can’t even pronounce.

2) Never bring up family problems in front of a person in a hospital bed. It doesn’t work at Thanksgiving or Christmas so why would it work now? If you even think you have your person captive …NO…NO…No… don’t go there. Remember when you were a kid and you really wanted that spotted pony? Remember how both your parents would promptly disappear after you asked the same question for the hundredth time? If you thinking now is the time to get your answer…Think again.

3) Yes, there is  a phone and a TV but this person is  trying to heal and  is literarily stuck in bed! With soo much time on their hands- it can be dangerous…Remember this person is on some kind of drug . All those anger management skills learned at work will be tossed out the window. The long forgotten vitriol will flow forth freely because really when you think of it this  person is  100 times more bored than you or me and why not created some action? Makes total sense to me…Don’t go there.

4) Always set up a scheduled drop off time of their favorite coffee drinks. Every two hours for a Mocha Latte….is a good choice. Some Doctors think coffee is the mecca of all healing. The caffiene spurs the body into healing mode at a quicker pace. The chocolate and whip cream might also uplift the mood in the room. All that snappish behavior will disappate. A melodic person will appear before you  asking for a harp…to strum and to sing angelic tunes…The world will be at peace…

5) A fruit basket might be nice and healthy. Just note: leave the wine, brie and baguette at home -it could  be confiscated by the head nurse.

6) Concierage service? Nail service? Foot and head massage?  Housecleaning service to clean your house before you come home…These things are important.

7) I might be booted out of for this one but I think the person recuperating in a hospital should have  a psychiatrist see them. Think about it …they just lost their appendix  and talk about trust issues!

8) How about a fresh set of clothes …the thing they make you wear in the hospital makes people weep…it never covers everything …and the design is so retro and blasé. If  they can put a bunch of men on the moon why can’t they redesign the hospital outfits…need I say more?


A fruit basket that would make your mom cry…with happiness!

A smaller version of a Keurig Coffee maker for your hospital room.

Make lots of new friends in your hospital room with all these K-cup for your coffee maker.

Wear a real Kimono instead of the ugly hospital gown…


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    1. Hi I’ve been teased heavily on this one blog. Last year I was actually in the hospital and my sister who was on a lay over came in to see me it was a bad day. She told me she actually had a mocha in her hand to give me and then the nurses said she could’t . So she called me to remind me.

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