No.84 The Fear Factor

The exact quote is ” What do you have sugar for? …It’s for my morning coffee.”  The quote is from the movie Kingpin. Directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly. Written by Barry Fanaro and Mort Nathan. Released in 1996.

The movie …King Pin…

Ernie McCracken alias Bill Murray has just done the dirty deed. He has put sugar in someone else’s gas tank.  In the above sketch he’s trying to explain why he has a 5 pound bag of sugar on his back seat of the car. “It’s for my morning coffee…”  When I was in Italy, I always heard the rumor that when the bus drivers in Naples were on strike it meant both that  they were unhappy and they had  put sugar in the gas tanks so they could stay home. It was the first time I had ever heard of doing this… So I googled it…Is it true that sugar in a gas tank gunks it up so much that it won’t start? Part of the answer is NO. And Part of the answer is YES… Most people assume that sugar dissolves into the gasoline as it does in our morning coffee..But it doesn’t. It instead becomes solid-like sand and then clogs up the fuel filters. There’s two filters it has to try to get through before getting to the gas tank. An invoice may appear with a price tag attached that might induce you to tears for the mechanic to take out the tank and clean it out as well as replacing fuel filters. It’s not the best way to deal with anger management. So in the movie Kingpin which I thought was really was to me like morbid humor.I’ve heard some people laugh so hard through out this movie that afterwards they were exhausted. Not me.  The song that is  sung while Bill Murray is pouring the sugar in  is called “Sugar in Your Tank by the band Less than Jake. ” Since it’s just a myth of sorts that it’s the ultimate revenge as a car killer..most commentators thought it wasn’t worth doing or getting in trouble with the police force. Instead they mentioned the “Fear Factor” route. Take some sugar and drop it near the end of the car. Also drop the bag of sugar visually near the back car tire. So that the driver assumes the worse. But Really I think there’s better ways in life…like 1) ignore the guy…2) drive away. 3) go treat yourself with an ice cream cone because you acted like an adult and found a better solution. Hooray!

The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray..a critical appreciation of the World’s Finest Actor.

Koffee Kult Thunder Bolt Whole Bean Coffee.

4 pounds of Domino Sugar….



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