No. 83 I’ve been charmed.


He called me a


Sweet as cherry pie…


Pleasing to the eye.

Aromatic to the nose.

Attractive as a

flower to a honey bee.

His honeyed words

delighted me.

An elixir to my


He also said

I was the frosting

on a cake.

Carmel corn

on a hot day…

Cotton candy

at the fair…

Apple Pie


At first …

I found it pleasing…

even pleasurable…

the descriptions

could drive me into


but now

I want descriptions

of vegies and grains.

Your eyes…

broccoli me to heaven

and beyond…

Your nose …

quinoa …brown rice…

your mouth…

cauliflower and beets….

His words surround me.

Melodious and sweet.


A way to show off all your delicious fruits and vegetables.

Delicious Art – 3 panels of fruit and vegetables to entice you into eating them…

Who says coffee needs to be made out of coffee beans? What about Mushrooms instead? It’s a vegetable.

Now you have all these Fruit and Vegies looking at you …get a cookbook! 700 fool proof recipes



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