No.82 A Quotable Poem…

Women can hold

up half the sky.

An old quote.

One can’t forget…


Or ignore.

Many little drops

of water

can turn into a

mighty river…

A tiny seed

grows into a forest.

Don’t cross the river


rolling up you trouser legs…

Don’t open up your mouth

before you know

the true state of things…

Wait …think…read…think…

ask many questions…

wait …think…read …think..


A peony in bloom,

is a lovely thing…

but it still needs

the green leaves to support it.

Beyond the sky

is another sky:

Beyond the mountain

is another mountain.

No man is an island


In unity-there is strength.

One False Step

can cause

life -long -regret.

Many unsure steps

can turn into a

dance of


Mother Earth Magazine will help you to reconnect to the earth and living …

Planet Earth on DVD Special Edition.

The Fine Art of Bad Decision Making on Kindle…


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