No.81 Zombie Coffee….


The exact quote is “I think I’ve had too much caffeine! ” This quote was taken from the movie series  Last Tango in Halifax.  Season 3. Episode 6.

Last Tango in Halifax season 3.

The young man on the right side of the sketch is a “ManNan”…which is  a Man Nanny. He’s actually a good one in the show-the kids were having fun while still putting the dishes in the sink . Sort  of like a Mary Poppins. I loved the shirt the ManNan is wearing…Zombies eat brains. I did some research…I guess zombies do eat brains. One author thought because they knew that brains would make them happy…because supposedly brains have serotonin in them..It was strange because every article and Zombie fact sheet I came upon they always said that zombies couldn’t think ..that they didn’t have cognitive thoughts So how would they know the brain would taste better than say a right foot?  I googled questions like…Do Zombies drink coffee? Of course…What a silly question. So there is a  cute video on YouTube called Women in the Morning Before Coffee  ( it was created by UHOHMonkey. Really, there should have been a “male zombie version…” because it’s not just women that are that way in the morning!  Someone stated that coffee makes zombies human again.  You can also make your own Zombies at home …2 cups of coffee, 3 shots of espresso , steamed milk, and a gluttonous amount of whipped cream on the top. Afterwards, drizzle chocolate and caramel sauce on the top in a decorative manner and add a cherry to the top of the mountain of whipped cream. They said you might want to start with a bowl instead of a cup . Or you can buy it at PickMeUP Cafe in Chicago.  There’s also a Zombie Coffee Shop in Milwaukee, Oregon. Check it out. So it is true that Zombies do drink coffee…an important fact… I was thinking afterwards that if say you were trying to decide if say you wanted a dog or a zombie you really should look at the pros and cons of having a zombie for a pet…It’s always good to know how to  tell your friends how you decided.So here are some PRO’s  1) It won’t ever die. 2) It won’t ever get sick. 3) It won’t have to get a flu shot in the Fall. 4) Cold or hot weather doesn’t bug them at all. Though, the 30 below wind chills we have in Minneapolis, might stall them from going out. Unsure, we usually don’t see zombies in January. 5) They like music…Bob Dylan and the Dead or Alive Band are two of their favorites.  6) You can save money on clothes because they really aren’t into being fashionistas. 7) You can also save money on getting their nails or their hair cut. 7) I asked next …what do zombies eat? vegies and fruit? The  answer was no. Vegies are green and yucky one of the zombie commentators said. He also said he was allergic to every kind of fruit on the planet!  Only brains. He did say Grilled was better than Raw…but sometimes he couldn’t always count on a hygienic  cooking facility being in the vicinity so it had to be raw. And once in a while they are known to take a bite out of normal humans. One bite where their saliva mixes with your blood…POP…POP..CRACKLE…POP…you turn into a zombie too. So maybe a zombie wouldn’t be the best pet in the world.  For the CON’s…1) Zombies don’t sleep…so you would never know what your zombie did while you were asleep-it could be a problem. 2) Zombies don’t like salt… so if you think they will finish up you excess popcorn from movie night they won’t. They do eat carmel corn popcorn on the sly usually in the Fall…I know for I got a letter from a carnival that had their supply of carmel corn popcorn disappear one night. Need I say more?  3) They moan alot…too…I like  a guinea pig squeaking…some dogs barking…even a cat or two meowing…but moaning? 4) and most important…they only walk. They will not jump, skip, climb trees, chase after squirrels, cats or chipmunks… swim through moats…and they can’t run. They are prone on dragging one foot and seem slightly sluggish Don’t forget the MOAN….. NOT THE BEST WALKING BUDDY. I guess I’ve decided. I’m going to go drink a Zombie coffee…here I come…and if you think I’m going to babysit your Zombie when you have to go out-of-town forget it!

BEWARE OF ZOMBIES metal signage for someone who loves zombies.

A stuffed Zombie toy …

Zombie Desert Organic Haitian medium roasted coffee

OOOh…A real Zombie Coffee mug !


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