No.80 I am invincible…

The exact quote is “Just came in to get milk for my coffee..”  This quote came from the movie series House M.D,  Season 1 Episode 4. Created by David Shore.


I figured with the hours that doctors keep up that coffee is an integral part of their brain function. Of course their brains are filled with facts, procedures  and important ideas but the mechanism that categorizes and pumps all these ideas to the front of the brain has to be coffee! I can just hear a Secretary or Personal Assistant sputtering in the background and really they do help but the real master to the equation is coffee . So as the “Coffee Collector”  I sometimes pick series where I know there will be a lot of coffee quotes. But in all honesty, sometimes I feel gluttonous with all my sketches and quotes gleaned as a viewer and it almost becomes a chore. Sometimes I’ll even swear off a show because there is just too much to do while other days I’ll watch a show like Kickboxing vengeance solely for the reason I figure in the jungles of Thailand luckily for me coffee kiosks don’t exist in great multitude and I can just relax … and enjoy the movie. I thought House M.D. or just House was an excellent watering hole for coffee quotes! The main actor is Dr. Gregory House. One of the big secrets is that this actor Hugh Laurie is English …from England. He’s just very good at assimilating the American accent.  He comes across as a anti-social, narcissistic. conflict driven… ego-maniac…that easily drives the young team of doctors and every hospital administrator within ten miles into La..La..Land for the Locos. He’s opinionated, well-educated and questions  the most tiny overlooked details to both learn from and teach others  the world of diagnostic medicine. The writers for this show really did their homework. The shows are extremely realistic. Strangely enough, the show is somewhat based on the Sherlock Holmes stories written be Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Another secret gleaned from research.  House’s home address is the same… 221B Baker Street as Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Watson is Sherlock Holmes best friend – says things like ” I say old fellow..” While with House his best and only friend is Dr. James Chase. House carries around a cane because of a “misdiagnosed injury” created a painful leg House is hooked on Vicodin. With Sherlock Holmes he carried around a number of canes and his soft spot was cocaine….With Hercules Poirot it was opium. The show itself has won numerous awards and is distributed in 66 countries.  It ran for 8 years.  It reminds me of a big soap opera …and believe me it’s easy to get sucked in. After awhile you feel like you-the viewer are the real genius…If only House knew what an amazing surgeon in training you are. In the same room You are figuring out deadly diseases..whispering the solutions into  House’s ear, helping him figure out why this person is so sickly. Sometimes I was even Jogging a few steps ahead of him…racing to save someone’s life.  In my dreams after I saved a couple million people from dying unexpectedly – I would  prance around In my dream…with my fists punching the sky like Rocky (Sylvester Stallone ) did singing the song… ” I am woman ..Hear me roar…I am strong…I am Invincible…” Need I say more? Watch it.

Note: This song was written by Helen Reddy.

Complete collection of House MD.

House MD…drinks House Blend by Tully’s Coffee – Medium Roast extra Bold. K-cups.

Hugh Laurie’s Biography….

Listen to Helen Reddy sing I am woman …I am invincible …



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