No.76 An Irate Waitress….

An irate waitress

flips… pies into the sky

oblivious to where

they land…

The flying frisbees

flavors unleashed…

rotate and twirl,

spiraling with the wind…

Over hills and ravines…

Lemon meringue flies to the left.

Chocolate chiffon to the right.

Fuzzy plum pirorettes

through the mist…

Neither to the left or right.

Spinning mindlessly…

A deer takes fright…

quickly scrambles out of sight.

Squirrels disappear in unison.

A Fox screams in rage.

Fades into the foliage.

A snowy owl

studies the situation

from above.

Unsure which morsel

to sample that night.


Coconut Cream Pie flavored Coffee  K-cups by Entenmann.

Caramel Apple Pie flavored coffee..K-cups by Van Houtte.

Blueberry Pie flavored Coffee K-cups.

A cute stuffed fox…

A Snowy Owl Hand Puppet…




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