No. 74 An Espresso to Die For…

The exact quote is : “By the way, the cause of death was cyanide…in an espresso.”  The quote is from the movies by Donna Leon called  Commissario Brunetti “Death at La Fenice.”

Yikes! Death by Cyanide gave me the hibbie-jibbies! What a horrible way to go. I was even nervous googling it …questions like:  How would I know it was cyanide …? What are the symptoms of cyanide poisoning?  How long would it take to kill me with cyanide? In a lot of the police shows the killer is caught because the police “follow the trail” of questions asked on google…even after cleaning up after myself there’s only so many times I can with a paranoid streak  clean my computer history after a furtive search for answers. Let’s forget we had this dialogue…You are getting sleepy…very..very sleepy…when I snap my finger twice and say the number “58” you shall wake up calm, clear-headed but craving a Dairy Queen Cherry flavored freeze…it’s all right …go with the flow…snap..snap…58!

But if you’re still interested in the mysteries of snuffing out a person…then listen up. A small quantity can kill a person…you can lose your consciousness, have a bad case of Vertigo, trouble breathing, Headaches and confusion.  Unfortunately , for anyone living near or around buildings sometimes they use this stuff to exterminate pests and vermin. It also helps produce paper , textiles , and plastics. That’s why people tell others to be carefull when burning trash if it includes paper, cloth and plastics it’s the fumes that can be problematic. The article also stated it comes from cigarette smoke, car exhaust and industrial emissions. Which didn’t calm me down even a smidgen for I live right in the middle of Minneapolis…One thing to remember they always say they can smell Bitter almonds on the person’s breath.  Thank goodness there is two antidotes that can be swallowed if a person finds themselves in this predicament. Jump in a taxi….write a note for the emergency room attendant so they know instantly what to do…if you are acting confused, dizzy and having trouble breathing. It’s a very smart thing to do. And always remember to have the spitting green image of Mr. YUK on a jar of this stuff..or really to tell you the truth …it shouldn ‘t  be even on this earth. So it hurts anyone. Ban this stuff. Make it a law that no company will ever be able to produce it . Or use it around humans, animals, rats…or even the dreaded cock roach. Bury the excess in a steel tube in the depths of the earth so no one can be hurt ever again.

Also I’m getting tired of people hiding things in coffee. STOP. Though I actually  was doing it last month …I was putting 2 tablespoons grass-fed butter, 2 tablespoons organic coconut oil, a spoonful of turmeric, and a spoonful of honey in a cup of coffee in my mixer for two months to be healthy. Then one day I said to myself ..I want only cream. And so it is. Cream with coffee and I am again happy.

Oh just an interesting fact you can say at your next dinner party… Espresso was invented in the early 1900’s by an Italian of course, by the name of Luigi Bezzera of Milan. He invented the idea of using steam pressure to extract the coffee.  The word espresso might of come from the idea that it was “espressingly for one” .Which was the way it was made in the beginning. Or because it was “Pressed “coffee or just because espresso sounds like… Wooosh…it just went past …. in a speedy manner. It’s a quicker drink to ask for and drink.  Onward Ho! Espresso!

Lavazza Espresso and Cappuccino maker…Love at first sight…!

Oh baby come to me! I need my espresso coffee now!

An excellent grinder …makes the best coffee.

A Curious Barista’s Guide for making Coffee…


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