No.71 Coffee or Tea or me?

Exact quote is ” Oh…and to top it all -you’ve given me coffee not tea! ” The quote is from the movie series: LoveJoy. Series 6.  “Holding the Baby”

So my title-Coffee Tea or Me doesn’t really fit the quote …but who cares…I’m the one who is the blogger and I get to set the rules and break them-when I feel like it. Right? So I knew  when I saw the book cover that I  had probably read it in high school. I had a group of friends and we all read and exchanged romances or the likeness of romances between us. In one weekend i would engorge myself in words -titles like… ” A Lesson in Love….The Kilted Stranger…Sweet Santuary…Escape to Happiness…The Garden of Dreams…. When I was in college after I took a Women Studies class- I went back and reread a bunch of them and Boy!! was I shocked on how bad they were. The romances were filled to the brim with sexism, and rapes that were supposedly romantic. When you are young -you sure are clueless!!  So out of curiosity I ordered through our library system- two of the books written with the title Coffee Tea or Me in it by the same author Donald Bain.There’s a story about these books…Someone came up with the idea and elected Donald Bain to write the book at the time he was working for the American Airlines in the public relations branch of the company.  He then hired two airline stewardesses -Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones… to help write their memoirs but their stories fell flat. So he turned around and wrote a “lusty” version on their escapades-himself…under the pretense that the two women had written the memoirs. In the beginning it was sold to the publishers as being factual but it was really fictitious. Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones were the two stewardesses that in the end were hired to be  the visual fronts to the book. The book was a instant hit…remember this in 1967…Donald Bain ended up adding 3 more books to the title and 5 million books were sold. I researched further and found that in the  1997 Disney film called ” George of the Jungle” there’s a mention of the book as a” good source of courtship behavior.” There’s even a film called Coffee Tea or Me? Created in 1973  on YouTube that is about a cute, innocent-looking stewardess  that carries around a teddy bear on flights who has a unsuspecting husband on each continent. One in the U.S. and the other in London. And the song in the background kept using the words…”Fooling with love…” I couldn’t even finish the movie …it left a bad taste in my mouth. Think about it from another angle this is the period that women were trying to get better jobs and equal pay as well as rights to having property in their names -even things like having their own checking accounts under there own names. This is also the time that Phyllis Schafly thought all women should stay home and just have children -she also didn’t belive gay people should have any rights especially the right to marry. She thought  it would be anti-family and un-American. I’ll be curious if- when the two books appear in my favorite library if  I’ll be able to completely read both books or if I revert to a bad habit of mine …read the first chapter and then the last couple of sentences on the back end. Voila – I’m finished. It’s like when we were little kids counting to 100…we would say 1,2,3, skip a few…99 and one hundred!

Now that I’m older every time sexism, genderism, ageism, racism show there ugly heads – I put on my red cape with Super woman printed on the back….grab my  mighty sword and show them my Warrior Pose while singing  a song (previously sung by Helen Reddy…)  ‘If I have to …I can do anything.  I am strong. I am Invincible. I am woman…” and they creepy crawlies known as the evil isms quietly slink back into their dark, moldy holes.



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  1. glad I found you! Yes, from Disney to today, its amazing this still goes on in the background. Which is why I never read my daughter Fairy Tale books. Unfortunately Music videos send the same message, if not worse.


    1. Hi I think it’s everywhere. I have a 23 year old and she would tell my stories from work experiences and we would exchange stories when I was her age and I’m still shocked that nothing has changed. Though after reading an article in the New York Times on how female students are treated in Australia with the machismo male attitudes..-it makes me glad I live in the U.S. I don’t know the age of your daughter but there’s alot of info on how Disney and their writers still fit this weirdness into their stories. Girls are bedazzled by the princess stuff but there is a lot of subtle and not so subtle innuendos written in that aren’t very healthy for females. Have a great July 4th ! Therese

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