No.70 The Glades….

Exact quote is “Can I get a small coffee…Black…to go.” The quote is from the series Glades. Season 1. Episode 3.

This quote comes from the police drama by the name of Glades . One of the characters of the show has just  walked into a coffee shop filled with art to order a small black coffee to go… The main male actor is Jim Longworth, a former Chicago policeman  who has perpetual  roving eyes who gets shot by his own captain because of a supposed fling – with the captain’s wife.  He then sues the city and walks away with a lot of cash. Moves to Florida thinking he’ll catch up on his golf . Instead he joins the State Police…this is where the story starts. He’s always surprised that Floridians also kill each other. The show was like a huge soap opera. Of course, he falls for a woman who’s husband is in the prison system.  In the background is a normal kid growing up surrounded with adults doing the dance around him. The show itself ran only for three years. Originally, it was going to be called Sugarloaf…and take place in Tampa. Instead the story was changed to a  Everglade community.  It’s much more feasible to have a drug plane landing in Everglade overgrowth than in Tampa suburbia. The Kia car is featured numerous times throughout the series. One big commercial to the unsuspecting viewers. I always wondered if they correlate  the sales numbers of Kia’s cars spiking after a show or two. The other strange thing about the storyline was that in Chicago  Jim Longworth got shot in the buttocks also known as your derriere. I just couldn’t believe he healed so perfectly that he didn’t have to use a cane or even have a pronounced limp. The other thing I thought was funny is when he actually goes into a coffee shop and orders a black coffee. There are so many types of coffee you can now order with honey, coconut milk,  Italian flavors , whip cream, chocolate sprinkles,  with hot chocolate, even with cayenne.  But, he orders just a black coffee. He ‘s not very creative.  You can watch it on Netflix.

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