No. 68 Morning Surprises…

The exact quote is : ” Here is your coffee…”  The quote is from the Sicilian police drama-  Detective Montablano. Episode 17. “Wings of the Sphinx.”

Adelina is at it again…she is Detective Montablano’s housekeeper and cook. She has come into to work a few minutes early and caught him still in bed. Still she seems unfazed . She promptly sets to work and makes him his espresso. If I was his housekeeper, I would of been fired that day for I know I would of forgotten everything important and somehow found myself snuggling with him under the covers. Oooh…La…La  it would of been worth it …the stories I could of written. Being he’s my imaginary heartthrob I have to allow myself to dream right? We would of woken up just a  bit sweaty …but filled with exuberance ready to tackle any problem placed before… US. (Us…Us…Us… what a magical  word.) Then we would of shared an espresso together on his balcony overlooking the sea. My love would set off for his customary morning swim. While waiting for him on the beach I would read out loud love sonnets. Waiting for him to descend from the waves to gather him into my sun drenched arms with a warm morning kiss. We would walk, hand in hand together to his villa.  We would talk over his cases as he got dressed and I would help adjust his tie…kiss his nose…then wave longingly to him as his car drives away. Ah love is my elixir of life. I will write a poem to celebrate our love…

  1. Roses are red…Violets are blue… My life was but kitty litter…before we met…but now I know…I love you. Um.m.m…UNSURE…
  2.  Roses are red…Violets are blue…My life was nothing…My color range was only in browns and tans… But now it’s in…purple..and gold…All because of you…Um.m.m.m…still UNDECIDED….

Roses are red….Violets are blue…I can’t drink my cappuccinos…Without you.. 


Alexa? Can you say Perfecto? Amore! Tu se Magnifico!….in English?

Babera Pregiata Espresso beans….

A Morris Katz of a seascape painting  to remember …the beauty of it all.

18 DVD’s of Commisario Montalbano..ooh … series.


2 thoughts on “No. 68 Morning Surprises…

Add yours

    1. I’m too busy…I’m picking cherrie!!! and making jam…Lucca is my imaginary heart throb….in some of his movies he’s found floating bodies as he swims… anyway in real life he’s married to a model and has a daughter “Bella” so I can’t do that -only in my dreams. Ciao Bella! T. thanks for the note ….


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