No.66 The Red Lexus…

The exact quote is : ” So I need to rest my eyes for five minutes..Would you like a cup of coffee? ” This quote is from the movie series  Last Tango in Halifax  Season 1  Episode 5. Written by Sally Wainwright.

I loved this British Drama series BBC because it’s about having second chances-in  love.  The two main actors Dereck Jacobi ( Alan) and Anne Reid ( Celia) get their second chance in love when they are in their seventies. They were actually in a budding relationship when they were teenagers but it was thwarted by another jealous female who ends up marrying Alan in the story. They  reconnect through Facebook with the help of their grandkids. With alot of trepidation they meet to find they still love  each other. This is where the story begins. It was written from true life experiences by Sally Wainwright with her own mom- Dorothy. Later in life Dorothy reconnected with an earlier beau Alec Walker. They married and had three  amazing years together before Alec died. Thank goodness her friends and acquaintances spurred her into writing these stories . Viewers loved this series because of the strong believable characters, along with  the  normal everyday dialogues and storylines. I watched the series on Netflix and for some reason thought this series was based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Probably because I was raised on Anne of Green Gables as a kid. She lived on Prince Edward Island. Later on  in life I heard a story about the December 6, 1917 explosion that happened in the Halifax Harbour. A WWl  wartime ship laden with explosives collided with another and blew up and flattened the city- 1,800 people died instantly…9,000 injured. They said that 50 miles away people heard the explosion. A story you never forget…kind of story.  So I misjudged the country and the  continent! Boy am I bad.  Let’s get back to England… Last Tango in Halifax actually takes place in West Yorkshire, England! Halifax is known for Mackintosh chocolate and toffee also Rolos (Ummm one of my favorites…) and Quality Street Toffee Crisp. Did you know that Nestile now owns and make  them since 1968? Blew me away.  In the drawing above Alan and Celia have gone out and bought the kind of car they’ve always wanted a red Lexus convertible with all the bells and whistles. Of course, their kids are shocked at their purchase…that’s just the cream on the coffee …what about sex?  OMG we won’t go there …(kids again…) Both are widowed and when you think of it -why not? I loved this series. It’s about melding two families . Daughters- Sarah Lancashire (Caroline) and NIcola Walker ( Gillian) each  are hardworking women seeking out their own mates while dealing with too problems connected to their lives. I thought each were dealing with depression as well. Too much on their plates syndrome. I found the stories and the whole series to be extremely realistic. It proves the point, that just because someone is “of a more mature age” doesn’t mean they have to miss out on anything. Alan and Celia and Sally Wainwright and her own mom Dorothy I hope have started a new anti-ageism movement. I always wonder if all this hoopla about Dementia and Alziemers exists to such a degree because of connections to money and greed of the pharmaceutical companies. I know the diseases exist from my own family occurrences-it just makes me wonder. So that ‘s why I found this series  both eye-opening and refreshing. It’s also romantic to see what can  happen around us when people connect and then reconnect. In this country we have a saying : Grab the bull by the horns… it basically means to disregard all the people around you that are saying -No way…slow down..let’s think about it..…Go for it anyway…what do you have to loose? No regrets. Live life to it’s fullest.


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