No. 64 I’m going to the loo….

The Exact quote is : “I’m going to the loo…Shall I get some coffee?”  From the series Doc Martin. Season 1. Episode 6. Title of the episode is  “Haemophobia.”

I tried to explain to a young Chinese student living in my home this summer …we kept going around in circles. In the end we decided that the word Loo was slang and not a dirty word. And really it’s just another word for the bathroom.  It’s not a word I  have ever heared in the U.S. unless someone has been watching BBC…and is mimicking something they heard in one of the shows. It’s history as a word is actually linked to the times when people didn’t have bathrooms and instead used chamber pots . To warn a pedestrian  that something was now going to be thrown out the window they would shout in England “Gardy Loo!”  In France they would shout Gardez l’eau!! Basically, watch out for the water!! Another story surfaced that because so many Britons were illiterate during this time -that when a sign for the bathroom was named Room 100…that most folks thought the number 100 meant loo …Funny thing is most Britons now days ask Where is the bathroom ? They would never say toilet or loo for it might be taken as uncouth. In America we say  “He’s such a looser…a jerk. ” or a person could be loopy…crazy. When we were kids though we sang  song with the words…” skip..skip …skip to the loo…skip to the loo my darling…it was a song we would sing in camp or when we were jump-roping. I never thought of the words. Strangely enough, you can go to Kincumber, New South Wales , Australia and visit a highly respected coffee shop named Loo Loos Coffee Warehouse.  Most of the reviewers were delighted with the food and thought their coffee was delicious. Billy Jo Clarkson on January 4th, 2017 said it this way: “Loved the atmosphere and staff. Coffee is the best on the coast!”  Make sure you visit the suburb of Woolloomooloo  nearby before you leave the area.( I did not misspell this.)  of Sydney, Australia. Just to go there to take a picture of the signage would be priceless! In Woolloomooloo they’ve got one of the longest and biggest wharves called Finger Wharf. It’s 1,310 feet long,  210 feet wide with 3,600 piles.  And while your at it fly now back to Wales (the one near England) on the other side of the world..and check out the Harry Potter themed loo at Kim and Flo’s Cafe in Treorchy. Their shop is known for serving up Harry Potter themed teas if you get hungry.Have some coffee with it. They also do fantasy, princess parties and now Star Wars-check them out if your in the neighborhood. So really when you think of it Loos can be good thing.  Just remember if you hear the words Gardy loo or Guardez l’eau… to duck!!!


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