No. 63 Latte….

Exact quote is : ” Can I have a Latte …please.”  The quote is from the movie series Last Tango in Halifax. Season 1. Episode 1.

And so I wondered …what else can you put in a latte? I came up with all kinds of ideas. Decided to keep them to the milk  products to make it easier for my esteemed readers to comprehend the different taste values of milk that can make or break a latte. Let’s start with the exotic milks. It was a real toss-up on  which one of the two …Yak Milk or Water Buffallo Milk to start with. Let’s start with the latter one. Unbeknownst to me Water Buffalo Milk is also called fior di’ latte…which I thought was cute. It means “milk’s flower.” All that delicious mozzarella cheese comes from Water Buffallo’s’s milk is  suppossed to be the fattiest milk, rich in texture while the flavor is sweet. I could come up with two places in the U.S. that raise water buffalo and that was in Florida and in California. I could find only one country that  consumes Water Buffallo Milk  and that’s in India. Usually it’s with Masala Chai. A mixture of  black tea, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and black pepper. In the U.S. we might have a Dirty Chai – the Marsela mix of spices with a milk product that could be soy, cow milk, coconut milk, almond milk. Plus a shot or two of espresso. I could only find one place that serves Yak milk Lattes and that’s near London, – Costa Coffee in North Chingford. Reviewers said it was expensive but tasty. You can make your own Yak milk at home …coffee- hot , 2 TBLS. cocunut oil, and 2 TBLS. of grass fed unsalted butter…In your mixer churned till frothy. I also add for fun- a spoonful of honey, and a spoonful of  tumeric. The weirdest latte I found  is a chicken bone broth latte. First warm up the chicken bone broth- to a boil..pour it  into cups.  Start heating up  a 1/2 cup of cocunut milk ( carefully heated but not boiled , stirring  constantly ..cooled and then frothed until fluffy with a whipper.) Then pour it on top of the warmed up bone broth and Enjoy!  My daughter loves bone broth so I’m going to tell her about this latte! You can make lattes with goat milk as well. Reviewers stated it was a bit salty and had a grassy tangy flavor. It was noted that it blended better in tastes with a medium roast. There is this canned milk in the grocery stores one can also use-Sweetened Condensed Milk.  Reviewers said it reminded them of a Vietamese Latte.  Some folks think a skinny latte should be listed with all the other versions of lattes. I guess skim milk is a milk product.  An article I read basically stated that skinny lattes unfortunatly only make you fatter. The Fat in milk carries the flavors while telling the body it’s full.  Whereas with Skim milk both its hard to digest and it doesn’t give you a sense of fullness.  Afterwards you might find yourself engorging yourself in the sweet pastry  area with wild abandonment because you are still hungry!  Who would of guessed that one. It’s funny about a blog …you do learn things you’d otherwise probably miss in life. Oh well…enjoy the lattes!


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