No. 59 Politicians Drinking….Coffee!

Exact quote is :  ” Coffee…which makes the politician wise…” The quote is from  the movie ” LoveJoy ” Series 6.

Today I will only talk about our esteemed President, Mr. Trump. We share birthday dates. I was traumatized for weeks when I heard his birthday was also June 14th. I can’t get past it and I am truly trying to forget this fact. Being that it is also Flag Day it  makes us both very patriotic. As a kid I just liked it because people would go out and hang out their flags… I thought  they were celebrating my birthday! O.K…let’s get down to the business of the day…CollectingCoffee..the blog your priceless eyes are now reading. The question demanding my  attention today is does Mr. Trump drink coffee? It took a bit of research…Our president has stated to the world that he has never smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol ,used drugs or had a cup of coffee in his life! I find it strange that he has listed coffee in with the world’s vices. I always find when a person says too much it usually means …”it’s not so! ”  Alas, he was caught in Cafe Versailles in Little Havana in Miami sipping a cafecitos (which is a cuban coffee-espresso, brewed with Demerara sugar. ) He was sitting with Rudy Giuliani one day after the first National Debate. I guess he was so flustered that he was caught “lying” that he left an $83 dollar tip for the lucky waitress. In one of his numerous books “America we Deserve” co-written by Dave Shiflett….Mr. Trump says …”I’ve never taken drugs of any kind. Never a glass of alcohol, never a cigarette and never a cup of coffee.”  Again in a 2015 interview in Esquire, Mr. Trump said he had no vices he’s straight…he won’t even drink a cup of coffee! I’m mystified how a company can produce and sell Trump Coffee but at the same time act like it’s bad for you. It sort of reminds me of Trump Vodka.  Watch Buzz Feed on YouTube…BuzzFeed spent $200 dollars for a bottle of Trump Vodka that you can buy for $40  dollars. A group of twos are tasting it it’s quite funny. : Alas, the vodka that everyone said would outsell Grey Goose vodka ceased production “supposedly”…unsure….really?  In 2007, the Trump organization signed a deal to export 50,000 cases of Trump Vodka annually to Russia. They also sell to Israel. There’s this amazing quote that seems appropriate. ” Surely  you doth protest too much…” I also wonder when people say it’s a vice than why do they think it’s fine if they still make money on it? Why not be blatant and shout it from the highest peaks…I LOVE COFFEE !!!  and while I still have your eyes attached to my words…why not pay the coffee farmers  good benefits for everyone attached in any way all the way to the baristas that serve the coffee…No one gets lost in the process. Oh and why don’t we for once figure out how to give access to our legal system so ALL the workers that came to this country that help keep this economy stay stabilized can become citizens. They drink coffee too.  Just like our esteemed president Mr. Trump did on May 20th, 2017 with King Salman  in  Saudi Arabia. It was described as ” Mr. Trump appeared to enjoy the strong Saudi brew and requested more…” The Washington Times. While I’m on my political bandwagon lets also change how some religions are seen as evil and other’s aren’t . I’m tired of this stupidity. This world is only so big..and sooner or later we might have to connect ..sit down and share coffee…chat…laugh with each other…So my birthday wish this year is all of the above.   I wish.. I wish upon my star …

Alexa ? When is your birthday? Mine is June 14th….

President Trumps talking Figure 17 different things he can say….

Trump Select single K-cup coffee 24 count.

Season 6 of LoveJoy….


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