No. 56 Real Cowboy Coffee…

Exact quote is: ” At least drink some more coffee…”  The quote is from Alfred Hitchcock Presents  Season 1. Episode 3 . “Triggers on Leash”

I talked about this movie by Alfred Hitchcock in the Blog post 31  “How to Stop a Gunfight” What I forgot to write about was the coffee . Really the coffee during this historical period, emphasized in this episode ” Triggers on Leash” is Cowboy coffee. It’s a wee bit different from today’s frothy concoctions. It reminds me of this diner in downtown Minneapolis, everyone at my table will order…Black coffee. Then it’s my turn… I get this pleading voice…Can you make a Cafe Miel? What’s that? The waitress will suspiously ask… Coffee , honey , and cream. NOPE. How about a Mocha? Never heard of it…How about half a hot chocolate half coffee…now said in a desperate voice…Ummmm…I think we can do that. With cowboys running around I would of probably been hanged for asking for anything other than cowboy coffee…which is black coffee in disguise… Picture it …Your laying on rock- hard- stony  ground with your saddle as your pillow. Blankets…? Pah! That’s for woosies…not real cowboys… All night you were kept awake by coyotes  howling and mosquitos buzzing around your head…don’t forget the gnats and flies that bite…Thank goodness it’s now  sunrise!  At 4:30 in the morning. grumpy, body-sore…bitten all over…Do you really thing a real cowboy would think of brushing his teeth? Nope.  The very first thing that pops into a cowboy’s  head is Cowboy Coffee..The kind that puts hair on your chest- coffee.

Grab a handfull of coffee grounds..throw them into the  pot…grab your canteen if empty- to go look for water. Please note: if there is a dead cow near a pond -DO NOT DRINK THIS WATER…BEWARE!!! It could be poisonous water. Instead grab your shovel and start digging …deep….if you can’t find any water…go look for a stream or a big cactus. When you have your water pour it carefully into the pot with your grounds. Boil it . When you boil it -it’ll kill all the weird bugs and parasites that live in the water. Really boil it. For at least an hour.  By now all the other cowboys will be awake and smelling the coffee. They will also be grumpy but hopeful that soon they will be sitting around the campfire in joyful camaraderie sipping coffee…chowing down on eggs, bacon and biscuits covered with red eye gravy …a real cowboy breakfast. Let’s get back to the coffee..grab two fistfulls of egg shells (smushed) and throw them into your cowboy coffee. It’s a secret ingrediant that every cowhand holds close to their chests…the egg shells make the coffee grounds drop to the bottom of the coffee pot -and they break the acidity of the two month old supply of coffee grounds. Right before serving throw in a couple of pinches of salt…why?  Who knows…Hank told Sam who told Stewart who told Henderson who told George who told Bob….You know the drill. If there’s a cow nearby…milk it…if not- drink it coal black …This is how you make  Real cowboy coffee…

If you want to drink the real thing then go to…( ) Their Airbuckle Ariosa blend is described as “Original Cowboy Coffee. The coffee that won the West.”  Check it out.


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