No.55 Regular or Decaf ?

Exact quote is : “Regular …for you sir?  Please.”  This quote comes from the series  Undercover Boss.  Season 1. Episode 6.  “Herschend Family Entertainment”.

Everytime I look at this sketch it makes me remember how hard it was to be a waitress.  I was actually a horrible waitress . There were too many things to remember…the ordering process was always problematic.  Waitresses should be armed with a tape recorder so we have the  undeniable truth..when it comes to people that deny they ordered this or that . And what’s with these people that want everything their way…with sauces on the side..this hot …that cold…a good example is when Meg Ryan orders in the diner in the movie When Harry Met Sally. It’ll make you laugh. You can tell by the waitress’s attitude “Sally” is pushing all her buttons-making her day much harder. I had two jobs where each time I had to deal with the cooks I got flustered and when that happened – I made mistakes…the kind that caused me to loose my job. It’s called sexual  harassment. One time, as I exited the kitchen with the words of the cook still floating in the air- the manager walked in and heard the words as well. He seemed shocked at the words.  I don’t remember him yelling at the cook. Later he asked me if I was o.k. with what the cook said..I said NO. I also pointed out the simple fact of how many waitresses had quit this restaurant and didn’t he think the cook could be the problem?  One day soon after this episode  the cook came out of the kitchen and into the restaurant with people in it and told everyone in listening distance that he could see my long hair entwined around  his fingers as we…. I WON’T SAY ANYMORE – YOU CAN IMAGINE WHAT HE SAID.  After that day I quit. Two years later,  I heard the franchise got sued for sexual harassment.  If the manager knew…and didn’t change the problem…who really was their to protect us? Don’t forget …waitresses take orders ..make the customers happy…serve the food…finish up…till the customers exit out  the door. Waitresses should be paid like the CEO’s !! They should be described as Super Women and Super men because they always save the day!!  Instead, now we have half our goverment worried that waitresses make too much money with tips…forgetting the basic fact that their hourly wage is much lower than everyone else’s . If tips are going to be taxed than the hourly wage needs to be at least 25 dollars an hour or more.  When you think of it waitresses are an integral factor of if that restaurant makes money or sinks. Alas if the cooking isn’t up to par then it’s still the waitress job to sell it…and as they are all amazing sales persons they usually save the day. So they should be paid accordingly. If sexual harrassment rears its ugly head it’s stamped out immediately . Just remember this number…85 million  Fox News paid out for just Bill O’Reilly.


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