No.53 Coffee stains…

Exact quote is :  “Do you want coffee?  NO. Thank-you.”  The quote from the movie Detective Montalbano  “Mirror Effect”. Andrea  Camilleri is the author for this series of books and movies.

I believe the woman doing the wash is the one who is asking Detective Montalbano if  he wants coffee. She is trying frantically to change the course of the discussion because she’s discovered not that her family member is the one who killed…the victim but that she has misjudged how hard it is to uncontaminate her wash from the notable coffee stains that were liberated when she used the wrong advice from her neighbor Senora Peppino. Curse her and her off spring!  Detective Montalbano is quickly shooed out the door without a concrete answer and alas his beloved espresso. Opening up her computer she promptly Googles a sure- bet way to alliviate the dreaded coffee stain from her washing.  No one would be able to question her Italian upbringing !!  Instantly she saw how Senora Peppino misled her down the road of imperfection. She had forgotten to blot the coffee immediately  from the shirt, she noted that it should be done on both sides.  Her blood boiled when she remembered that Senora Peppino had said to always use hot water…not cold. She had also told her that her sainted grandmother had always mixed a paste of  chili powder, oregano, and wild sage …massaged it into the stain …left to dry in the sun…then washed it out carefully in hot water. She had also told her slyly to soak it in balsomic vinegar over night after washing it carefully . We can only conclude that Detective Montalbano was again delivered to this neighborhood of seething estrogen … in the early morning hours, days later to try to figure out where Senora Peppino was. For she had mysteriously disappeared -while shopping for  that evenings dinner- to the utter despair of her family.

Alas….”A mali estremi , estremi  remedi.”   Desparate times call for desparate measures.


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