No. 52 Coffee? Certo!

Hi the exact quote is : ” Inspector, Sergeant- nice of you to come…coffee? ” This quote comes from Commissario Brunetti Episode 11. ” Death in a strange Country.” Author is Donna Leon.

I lived in two parts of Italy. First time, was in Florence on a art scholarship through my school in the U.S. called Minneapolis College of Art and Design. ( MCAD) I lived in an apartment with two guys Peter and Douglas. With only a semester of Italian before attempting to live there – I can honestly say it was frustrating but it definitely opened my eyes to the world  around me.  In Florence, when we had nothing to do we would play cards…drink Coke and eat dark chocolate.  A strange combination. I remember when drinking coffee it was always standing up because when you sat down in a bar or restaurant the price doubled. We travelled to Venice in the Spring. Douglas and I sat down in this picturesque  restaurant and forgot “The Rule” and our espresso costed us an arm and a leg!  I love watching Commissario Brunetti  for this reason- it so much reminds me of Italy and Venice. There are two versions for the movies-German and Italian. Both are excellent. Donna Leon is the author . I read her books voraciously before the movies came out.  You end up falling in love with all the characters. Commissario Brunetti’s first name is Guido. His wife Paola and two kids-Raffi and Chiara, her parents and even Guido’s mother become an integral part of the story. One story was about his mother inheriting from a friend tons of pink umbrellas with elephants on them…and his son starts selling them…only problem really was they didn’t keep you dry, after  awhile everyone knows it and boxes are everywhere in the front foyer of their home. Trials and tribulations of home life as Guido goes out and solves murders . Another interesting combination. The second time I lived in Italy was in Naples . I was a nanny for a year.  The mom Vera would make me a espresso each morning before I took the two kids to school . That espresso made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack. Way to strong for me. After awhile I had to have a watered down espresso to survive. Then I would go to this bar near the school and get a round pizza with tomato and a  piece of mozzerella in the middle. I was Happy. When I came back to the U.S. I was again shocked on how many ingredients  Americans put on their pizzas.  Once I heard, a story how these Italian kids cried when their pizza came out to their table..I could understand their emotional upheaval! There was a pizza place near Peter’s school  in Florence, that each piece was covered by one vegetable. OMG -it was so delicious ! It was like going to heaven!  Back to coffee…because coffee is such an integral part of Italian life you wouldn’t believe how many sketches and quotes I’ve found…Oh the fun we shall have…


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