No. 50 Our next president?

The People Magazine says  he’s the sexiest man alive…His name is Dwayne  “The Rock” Johnson. In the article written by Peoples reporter Julie Jordan he  talked about what he really wants  in the future…and he said in a confident voice of action- to be the President of United States! Doesn’t this sound like “you know who..”The day before the big vote I found a movie about President Trump in the library. I thought why not? Let’s see, why every one seems to love this guy…. OMG…When Donald Trump was  30 the reporter in the documentary asked him …you’ve done almost everything -Donald there anything else you want to be…and Donald …said I think I want to be the President of United States.  Dwayne in another interview said if there was an election tomorrow -he would win.  Actually it’s going to be a knock down between between the two D’s…Dwayne and Donald. Today’s fun fact is …Donald Duck’s nephews names are …Huey, Dewey, and Louie.  Ok. let’s get down to the “real news “…Who really is Dwayne Johnson and is he Presidential material? The most important question I could think of – is does Dwayne Johnson drink coffee? NO…I can’t believe it !!! NO…NO…NO… but he does drink fruit flavored energy drinks with caffiene in them …because” he believes-you have to make caffiene fun.”  Ummmm….Let’s leave this one alone. Born in California -May 2, 1972. Grew up in New Zealand , Hawaii, and Pennsyvania. College football player at the University of Miami and later on the team of the Calgary Stampedes.  Last week the movie Baywatch was just released. Also did a voice over for Walt Disney animated film called Moana. When queried if it was true about  Dwayne really wanting to become  the  president -he said it was a real possibility. He felt the goverment right now needs better leadership “more poise …less noise.” On SNL he picked Tom Hanks as his vice president. He said he voted for  George Bush …but when it came to voting for eithor Hilary Clinton  or Donald Trump he couldn’t do it. Dwayne did say he wondered if he could make a difference. He knows who he picks to be a part of his team is very important.  As always the reporter didn’t ask him about his thoughts on the Paris Agreement, EPA decisions, Climate Warming and all the problems ahead of us with people shifting world- wise due to storms or water risings…. how he would deal with President Putin, Syria, Europe, North Korea, China, Afghanistan …an important question could of been about tax right offs for the rich, saving  Meals on Wheels for the disabled … instead we find out things like: what’s his biggest vice… is food and something interesting about him is  that he loves to sing in the shower… Are we becoming so shallow in this culture that things like how handsome he is…or the measurements of his arm muscles matter? Or how much money he has ? He doesn’t even drink coffee! Personally, I wondered if it was a marketing ploy for his name and image.  So when it comes time to vote people will vote for him solely because they know his name and not on how his decisions will affect their peace of mind as well as the world around us.  If you start watching he seems to be getting more hits than our esteemed president…


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    1. Hi though I’ve heard from some it might just be a marketing ploy to get his name out there for all his movies and such that he’s into. I wish he was a Demacrat or a progressive then maybe I’d take him more seriously. Therese

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