No. 49 The Bribe….

Exact quote is : “It’s not a bribe…it’s a mocha latte.”  It’s from the movie series Grey’s Anatomy  Season 1. Episode 2.  “First Cut is the Deepest.” Written By: Shonda Rhimes.  Executive Producers are: Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Krista Vermoff, Mark Gordon, Rob Corn, and Mark Wilding.

I suppose the  only way you wouldn’t know about  Grey’s Anatomy is if you were Sleeping Beauty -if you were a woman and Rip Van Wrinkle if you were a man. There might be a few other scenarios…What if  you were a enviromental scientist living in the  South Pole -counting polar bears and penguins…and somehow you got left there accidently for 10 years…It’s a possibility. Maybe, you were an gullible astronaut who entered a rocket with the thought that the whole trip might take two years and was  sent to a planet in the outer vincity of the stars attached to the planet Venus. The problem was that the trip took 24 years! One way. That’s a bit of a stretch… Maybe you were a politician -closely linked with Fox News and you got caught giving Fake News and accepting  large  bribes and now you are on the  run from the FBI and you heard if you scooted south of the border to  a small warm country filled with swaying hammocks and coconuts-you could live on all most nothing. The only draw back is that there isn’t any cable or TV attennas.  So somehow life passed you by and so you  somehow  missed out on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a possibility.  Grey’s Anatomy is a medically based drama with a  group interns working on becoming surgeons. My favortite male actor was Patrick Dempsey. For my favorite female actress it was Sandrah Oh. I think Patrick is very cute…he’s also  very good in tough situations in surgery…and he won’t give up on his patients. Sandrah Oh I just saw in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” -she was perfect. This show was like one big soap opera. After awhile I felt like I was too deep in everybody’s business.  Though like “House” I did find myself out guessing the surgeons on what was really wrong with the patients. It made me feel very smart. In Grey’s Anatomy the young surgeons are vying for a positioning  in the ongoing surgical team-ups with the two top surgeons on staff. They want to be in the best- most difficult surgeries. The idea is to be hired permanately on staff the next year-so they have to proove themselves. Bribes and verbal innuendoes flow back and forth between the nurses and staff. It was like honey to a bee…or ants to an anteater. It’s what makes  the world go around. Add in a bit of sex and you’ve got the perfect soap opera named Grey’s Anatomy.


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