No.48 Today I’m thinking about…

Today is Memorial Day. One year ago, on this day, almost to the exact hour…I blew out my appendix.  A strange way to describe it…I went through the day accomplishing all the things I physically could- I just didn’t feel good for three days-it was weird. I even went to an Urgent Care but it was closed for the holiday.  Came home around 4 in the afternoon. And my daughter called me. She kept saying afterwards I just didn’t sound right. She found another Urgent Care that was actually open so we ended up there. But they wouldn’t touch me…so I crossed over the hallway into HCMC’s emergency room area. I still remember sitting down in a wheelchair and trying to be calm in front of my kid -going through the doors and then nothing.  Eight hours later plus ten days I was in the hospital. It was horrible. I did have friends and family and my kid and her boyfriend visiting regularly which helped. While on the operating table they saw I had some kind of cancerous growth inside and one month later I went through the second operation. To this day I’m thankful that my daughter persisted in making me go to the second Urgent Care. I wouldn’t be here today collecting coffee. That’s a scary thought.  Anna from the bottom of my heart -I thank you for saving me.  love you. MOM


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