No. 47 Thinking about….

Exact quote is : “Here’s some coffee for you…” It’s from the Icelandic movie series Case. Season 1.  Episode 6.  Director is: Baldvin Zophoniasson. Executive Producers are: Porhallur Gunnarsson, Ragnar Agnarsson, Kjartan Por Poroarson, Guony Guojonsdottir. Producer is: Arnbjorg Haflioadottir.

I think she’s thinking of black coffee and cigarettes. There’s a song originally written by Otis Redding . It’s called Cigarrettes and Coffee. You can watch  it on Youtube:  Otis Redding  was considered as one the the greatest singers of Soul, Rhythum and Blues. He was born on September 9th, 1941 and died unexpectedly on December 10th in a plane accident at the age of 26. He was a prodigy at a very young age in both musical instruments and singing voice.  He said in interviews that his music was influenced by Little Richard and Sam Cooke. When you listen to his lyrics it’s like” poetry with a tune.” Another version I found was by Mo Rogers. He’s described as an American blues musician,  singer, song writer record producer.  He has released six albums in his musical career. He is 75. He said in an interview he was influenced by Aretha Franklin, Bobby Bland, Eddie Boyd, Jimmy Reed, Otis Redding , Sam & Dave, and William Dixon. You can find many of his songs on Youtube. The one I’m presenting here is called Black Coffee and Cigarrettes.   There’s even an Italian version of Cigarrettes and Coffee.    Shalpy Scialpi was a prolific singer and creator of singles and albums  in the 80’s and 90’s  in Italian pop music. There are many versions being sung but I also wanted to include the  American band called  NeverShoutNever with their version of Cigarrettes and Coffee.

Other than the music  there also is a movie filled with big names of actors who probably had a blast making it. It was directed by Jim Jarmusch. The vignette you can find on Youtube is  This vignette is called Delerium – it’s  with the actors GZA, RZA, and Bill Murray. The movie itself can be bought on


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