No.45 Stairway Demands…

Exact quote is : “And get me a coffee and don’t use powdered milk! ”  From the movie: Inspector Morse “Driven to Distraction”

Two things popped into my head when I  viewed my drawing that probably would of made my art teachers groan in unison… The thing about Inspector Morse is that he’s bossy.  But think of it …wouldn’t you like to just yell at the underlings once in a while, in a royal voice especially standing on a grand staircase…I want this …I want that …I can more envision one of my eight brothers shouting down the stairs as a kid…MOM! I can’t find any clean socks!!! Or MOM! where did you put my homework?  Thinking of big families I came from 11,  eight brothers and two sisters. When money got tight my mom would try to sneak in powdered milk as something we could drink…but as I recall it was never a big hit. It was in a big box that never seemed to have to be replaced…pour product into pitcher, add water…and stir. We always groaned when we saw her stirring it . I got pretty good at drinking water or Koolaid during these periods. I found a site that talked about all the ways you could use dry milk and it made me laugh -if only this information could of been at my fingertips when I was a kid… if I could of said, but mom you can clean furniture with this stuff ..would of halted her in her tracks…. Usually you just had to make it into a paste, dab it on , and voila it ‘s clean!  Things like : Bug bites,  silverware, reducing wrinkles, taking out ink stains in your shirts,  removing make-up, leather cleaner, you could even put in your hair for 5 minutes and it would make it shiny !  Let’s not forget pouring it in your bathtub like Mr. Bubble to make your skin soft. No where in the list did it say drink it. Which I thought was pretty funny. For the guys…if you’re out of shaving cream they said it was a perfect replacement. Mr. Morse couldn’t have had it more right – never but it in your  coffee…


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