No.43 A Mystery Drink

Exact quote is: ” Blended Vodka, 64 blueberries, Bailey’s. Espresso, sugar, Fresh Mint…..” The quote is from the movie   “Case”  Season 1. Episode 5. Director is:  Baldvin Zophoniasson. Executive Producers are: Porhallur Gunnarsson, Ragnar Agnarsson, Kjartan Por Poroarson, Guony Guojonsdottir. Producer is: Arnbjorg  Haflioadottir.

In the sketch above, Por and Llimur are in a bar in Iceland discussing Logi her on and off boyfriend. She has just handed over a USB Flash Memory that would hurt Logi horribly -because she’s really mad at him. I spent a couple hours looking for a drink’s name- made up of Blended vodka,  64 blueberries, Bailey’s , Espresso, sugar, and fresh mint. Afterwards I could only think that this is this bar’s invention. So instead I researched Iceland and their most popular drinks minus the one above.  Iceland is known for beautiful awe inspiring landscapes, 4,000 year old lava fields, the sea, the cold temps, Elves, Leif Erricson, Blue Lagoon an outdoor spa. volcanos, Northern Lights, waterfalls everywhere, geysers, puffins are just few examples. I found nine different kinds of alcholic drinks that scream “Iceland”and are known to keep the Icelandic population warm when  the temperatures dip  low.

  • 1) Brennivin an unsweetened schnapps seasoned with caraway, cumin, and angelica. Some people take a shot when they are also trying to swallow a national food that is passed unto the tourists to eat which is Kaestur Harkari…a fermented shark meat that smells of ammonia.
  • 2) Reyka is a icelandkic vodka peoople swear is the best in the world. The water comes form the lava fields. It has a touch of vanilla is smooth.
  • 3) Fjallagrasa Moss Schnapps – created with oceanic moss soaked in an alcohol solution. Reviewers said it was also good to drink if you had a cold.
  • 4) Viking Gold is beer mixed with vodka.
  • 5) Opal is described as a candy flavored drink that’s very popular.
  • 6) Topas is another sweet liquor made with herbs and sweet licorice.
  • 7) Egils Sterkur is a beer with a bitter taste.
  • 8) Egils Gold Beer is described as a lighter beer..more on the sweeter side.
  • 9)  Isafold Gin described as dry  with a smooth taste.

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