No.42 The Jacuzzi

So one day at the YMCA in Edina. I came around the corner with the intention to sit in the jacuzzi…when I was faced with the question “Do I have the guts to do this?”  See the picture above? Add 30 to 40 years to the young men above then place each one- strategically in all the corners of the jacuzzi that luckily was about 8 feet long. Also there were at least nine older gentlemen instead of the four above in the picture.  I quickly understood I would be the only woman in the jacuzzi. I became the “Wild Card”.  I luckily sat on the left side near these two men that looked like they were retired. My luck was with me. Turns out I sat in the right place. For the next hour and half I was a part of a discussion about all the political news. These guys were like walking encyclopedias!!  At one point in the discussion when our esteemed president was mentioned I noticed an older man giving us suspicious, glaring looks. So I promptly asked him if he wanted to join in the discussion.” Rhumf..Rhumf ” came out of his mouth and then he quickly added “President Trump was one of the best Presidents we ever had!”  By this time, I found myself- getting a bit overheated because of the water temperatures in the jacuzzi..but somehow I kept my cool and in a very zen like voice I said …”Isn’t it funny how we are sitting on the left side of the jacuzzi and you are on the right?”  And he said in a grumpy voice…”What do you mean by saying that?”  And I said,” I just thought it was CUTE…”which is not a guy word !  After that one word was uttered he promptly got up and left us.  PHEW ! Soon afterward a younger man showed up, his name was Patrick.  He was about the age of the guys above. We exchanged who we were going to vote for in the upcoming district challenge.  I proudly said I was voting for Gary Schiff and he said he was also. We instantly became BFVB’s  also known as BEST FRIEND VOTING BUDDIES.  Patrick  also mentioned his favorite coffee shop was Keen Eye Coffee  in South Minneapolis, on the corner of 28th and 38th ST. S.E.  So I thought I’d put a plug in for them. Keen Eye Coffee is is on a corner space in a neighborhood that’s up and coming, Across the street is a cupcake store called ” A Cupcake Special – A Gourmet Cupcake Boutique. Kitty corner from Keen Eye Coffee is Northbound Smokehouse and Brew.They produce their own beer their. And Ted Cook’s-19th Hole BBQ is smelling distance away as well. It’s also two blocks away from the 38th Metro Train station-that can take you anywhere. Keen Eye Coffee is known for it’s fresh, home made baked sweet edibles. They also carry a menu of foods if you want to eat more than say coffee.  The baristas were mentioned as friendly, fast and courteous. This coffee shop comes highly recommended even though it was recommended in a Jacuzzi…  So if your visiting South Minneapolis  on your way to Australia – Check it out!

Buy a jacuzzi without the cute men…at…


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