No. 40 How to stay awake

The Exact quote is ” Where were you?  I only went for coffee to stay awake! ” It’s from Commissario Brunetti  Episode 7 ” Quietly in Their Sleep”.

As you have surmised-  this blog is called CollectingCoffee …for a reason. I probably would  advise the reader to drink lots of black coffee as a way to stay awake..Dark roast, not smooth but a bit bitter the kind of bitter that will make your teeth clench. It’ll make your heart thump not from love but the kind thump- thump that makes you nervous.  The smell is essential as well -it has to permeate the room , your clothes …your skin…cells…DNA. When you google the words “how to stay awake” there’s at least 58 ways to do it. I’ll only mention a few of them today…because I think coffee is the best way… Some of the ideas seemed suspiously  like S&M . It said to pinch yourself – on your arms and under your knees…What? Another idea was to Pull on your earlobes!  What?  Another said to take one ice cube and massage iit into your forehead and neck muscles…why not just walk into the kitchen and stick your head in the freezer? Another said to tap your feet on the floor…How about throwing on a CD of hip hop music and moving your body to the beat ? While you are at it-do some stretches …roll your shoulders to the right …to the left ..back and forth…just be aware if you hear a lot of crackling noises back off . Instead massage that stink- bomb- smelly ointment into your shoulders because we all know if you don’t you’ll walk around like the Humpback of NotreDame tomorrow.  Your chiropractor will just shake his head in total disbelief when you try to explain you were just trying to wake up. Really you should of consulted your doctor before reading this blog post. I will not be held responsible.  When I asked my friend what she does  she advised to just hop into bed and GO TO SLEEP because everyone knows if you don’t get enough sleep -you are a bear the next day. Is it worth it she queried me…I hummed and hawed  I can only repeat the words – if you have to stay up because of work, or you waited to long to study for that final …because I am unfortunately biased I say drink coffee…

Donna Leon is the author of the Commissario Guido Brunetti series…both books and movies. She was born in New Jersey but has lived most of her life in Venice.  There’s both a German and Italian version of these movies, Quietly in Their Sleep is Donna Leon’s sixth novel.


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  1. Wow! Fantastic…may just have to try banging my head on the floor next time insomnia calls…thanks for the ironic advice! 🙂


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