No. 38 TrainSpotters

Exact quote is:  “Do you sell coffee?” From the movie Station Agent. Screenplay and Director is Tom McCarthy.  Tom McCarthy also won the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay. The movie was realeased in 2003. That amazing protrait above is above is Peter Dinklage, known as Finbar McBride.

An Innoculous quote. In this movie, the question ” Do you sell coffee? ” is important because it opens up Finbar McBride to more friends. He had to leave the idea of being a hermit behind and jump into life. He actually inherits  the train station from his boss Henry Styles. He and Henry had led a quiet life both being in the store, dealing with all the cities train enthusiasts and being trainspotters. Joe made the coffee while filling  the quiet spaces with energy and words. Patricia an artist grieving for her dead son and the end of her marriage basically thrusts  Finbar into a world of emotions. Which I think made him wake up to life and all its possibilities. Finbar in turn introduces Trainspotting to everyone else. Trainspotting reminds me of fishing – you have to have patience. I rather enjoy watching the Minneapolis Metro train-it’s much easier on the eyes than wiggly worms, swatting at gnats and mosquitos  and taking fish off hooks any day. Trainspotting seems to have originated in England. The hobby is now 156 years old. They actually have a log by a 14 year old girl who noted down numbers and names of trains coming in and going out of Paddington Station in 1861. A lot of the trainspotters collect and exchange detailed information about the movements of the locomotives. Some take pictures. Facebook has two groups listed: 1) Railthing- Real Trainspotting from 1945-1968  and 2) Pilotrailways Trainspotting. Also there’s a website  ( It’s Jim Fenton’s . He kept meticulous records of the locomotives in Northern Wales and North East parts of England from the 1960’s. Luckily for us they were all packed away in the attic and survived 50 years. Also check out the blog written by the National Railway Museum. It’s filled with stories of people that made a living connected to trains. World War 1 and 2 stories.They even have a million different items collected connected to trains histories. It’s an amazing website. People nostaglic for the past and history buffs would be estatic if they went to York, England  to the National Railway Museum.


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