No. 37 The 1%

The Exact quote is:  “Anything else you can tell me?  Oh, we have a new coffee machine.”  The quote is from Midsomer Murders  “Sicilian Defense” Written by Paul Logue. Directed by Alex Pillai. Produced by Jo Wright.

When I make coffee it’s with a red French Press. I think I paid under 30 dollars for it. Before that I had a coffee drip machine that drove me crazy because it would leak out the bottom. I remember a friend that had this huge copper espresso machine that was trashed and he lovingly took it apart, piece by piece, cleaned it , buffed it and swore it made the best espresso in the world. Once I had an Italian coffee maker that you would put on the stove but I just couldn’t get the hang of it -so I gave it away. Today I’m wondering how much you could really spend on a coffee maker. I mean the kind that would make my checking account  quiver and be  miserable. The kind of people that are nonchalant about …” Oh…it’s a part of our kitchen…it’s great for our parties…it’s too complicated for me -I usually have the caterers work it… I have them clean it too …when asked what they do themselves for a coffee…they say they go out for coffee. So it turns out you can pay as much for a coffee maker as you would for a car or a down payment on a mansion .  It can sit on your counter or be a part of a combo like a refrigerator/ coffee maker or  a very nice stove with a coffee maker that would make your personal chef weep. If one of these babies perks you up and you want to purchase it…good luck.

  • Jura 26  Automatic Coffee machine….$3,699.95
  • Jura Ciga 5 Automatic Coffee Center…$5,599.95
  • Blossom one ..$11,111.00
  • Astra 2000…..$12,500.00
  • Concordia Integra….$14,950.00
  • Frake Evolution…$18,000.00
  • Sipon Bar….. $20,000.00
  • Javabot….. $1,000,000.00

Don’t forget Fathers Day is coming………


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