No.34 Gas station …coffee

Exact quote: ” I’ll have a coffee please. One coffee coming up…” From the movie Wallander.  “The Fifth Woman”

So ten years ago the best gas station that served coffee were: BP, Sonaco. Sheetz, Citigo, Mobil, Exxon, GetGo, and 76. Chevron, 7-11. Even when I was younger -I never drank plain gas station coffee…but I knew friends that swore it was the best thing to drink in the world! Now days I go to my favorite coffee shop in South Minneapolis…called – The Dogwood Coffee Bar. There  I sip my Cafe Miel  casually as I peruse through the  New York Times. But I was still curious. So I started to google basic questions. The best one was: Why buy coffee  at a gas station and do you have a favorite?  Most of the answers strangely enough were from either 8 or 10 years ago. It was like our own American gas station coffee -verbal referral system had gone through the Twilight Zone. All those people disappeared but their words reverberate 10 years later. Weird.

  • Answer: 7-11. They would even put a fresh pot on when you asked. They also have  awesome donuts. Dunkin Donuts mmmmmmm….. 1 decade ago.
  • Answer: Esso sells Tim Horton- not only is it the best gas station coffee -it’s also the best coffee ever!!!  1 decade ago.
  • Answer:  I buy coffee at GetGo because I’m saving up to buy my Dad’s Mustang . I went to mechanic school and now I’m almost  ready . Only have to save up 600 hundred more bucks.  9 years ago.
  • Answer: I buy coffee  at my corner gas station because it takes 3 minutes max -no chatting baristas, no rubbing shoulders with the ” in ” crowd.  8 years ago.
  • Answer:  Chevron the corporate ones not the franchise ones have flavored coffees, flavored syrups, fancy creamers, sprinkles, even a mocha machine that’s the bomb!! Almost better than Starbucks!   1 decade ago.
  • Answer: 7-11 has pretty good coffee. I’m reluctant to get coffee at gas stations because it’s often not too good. I have been able to get a good cup of coffee at 7-11 and my husband bought me a bag of 7-11 coffee beans recently to brew at home -it was pretty good.  1 decade ago.
  • Answer:  My gas station on the corner serves the cheapest watered down coffee in the universe!!! The cheap powdered cream  doesn’t help either. I go there only for the gas and to fill my tires with air.  I wouldn’t  even go to the bathroom there !!! GROSS.
  • Answer: I think it’s cool to go to Starbucks. I feel like a grown-up!  Even when the prices seem a bit expensive I always  splurge and buy a croissant and coffee to make myself feel like I’m rich. I would never in my wildest dreams go to my gas station for my coffee!  8 years ago.
  • Answer:  I always think my coffee smells good in a gas station. It always hits that spot. Now with all this energy …I’m going to go mow my lawn. 9 years ago.
  • Answer: I also like coffee from our neighborhood gas station -but I haven’t got a clue why.  9 years ago.

I sure hope that kid got his Mustang!


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