No. 32 Disgusting …Coffee.

The exact quote is: ” This coffee is disgusting.” From the movie Case. Season 1 Episode 6.

O.K. for those of you that don’t know.-the movie -Case was  made in Iceland. The country that everyone seems to want to go to lately. Iceland is known for a many things -coffee and Kaestur Harkarl  are two of them. In the picture above she’s saying the opposite of the truth on coffee in Iceland. They are known for their coffee. Icelanders are big coffee drinkers! I found six reasons why: 1) They are picky about their beans to start with. 2) They tend to lean towards Organic. 3) There are only three roasting companies on the island -because of this the idea of quality over a quantity prevails. 4) The Italian coffee drinks of  latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and espresso dominate the coffee scene -it hasn’t been watered down yet with over-sugared creations. 5) The water was mentioned quite a lot as being clean and fresh (an important ingredient in all coffees) 6)  Icelandic milk has a different protein composition making it unique and more creamier.

What a lot of people describe as “disgusting ” is Kaestur Harkari. There’s a video with Gordon Ramsey and James May where Ramsey makes him sample Kaestur Harkari to prove he’s a real man. James was able to swallow it while Gordon gagged and spit it out. Anthony Bourdain said it was the most disgusting thing he had every tasted.  Andrew Zimmerman said it tasted much better then it smelled. There’s another video of Americans trying to swallow it wearing Viking garments and because of the pungent ammonia smell most of them couldn’t swallow it..even with a shot of local spirit an akvavit called Brennivin.  Kaestur Harkari is a traditional dish made of Greenland sharks (when meat is fresh it’s poisonous) that is buried in the ground (sand usually) for 6 to 12 weeks -where it ferments. then they hang it out to dry for another 4 to 5 months. The smell of ammonia only intensifies -people are told to pinch their noses shut -swallow and then quickly take a shot of Brennivin. It was noted in an article I read that not all Icelandic people eat Kaestur Harkari. They think it’s disgusting! But they think it’s an excellent food for the tourist to eat.. Skol.

If you want to learn a lot more about Iceland google Reyjakvik Grapevine.  It’s described as an essential guide to life, travel and entertainment in Iceland.


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