No.31 How to stop a gunfight…

Exact quote is : ” More coffee Ben?  No thanks.” It’s from Alfred Hitchcock Presents  “Triggers  on Leash” Season 1  Episode 3. Released on October 16th, 1955.

How do you stop a gun-fight? Why of course- serve them a full breakfast with large mugs of coffee! The story around this episode is about two men Red and Del Delaney. They have  both decided to shoot each other in a gun fight. After awhile they decide to do it (in the restaurant ) when the clock struck  on the hour. Maggie the owner and chef chides them trying them to call a truce and give up on this stupid idea. But they both can’t let the idea of a gun fight – go. So Maggie grabs her cross off the shelf and backs away. Strangely enough the clock stops ticking  so both the guys view it as an act of God. They decide to finish their breakfast and be on their way. As reported at the end of the show by Alfred Hitchcock  they both unfortunately,  met an untimely death before the day was over. Both were killed by food poisnoning due to the unsanitary conditions of Maggie’s kitchen.  Alfred Hitchcock was born in England on August 13th  and died April 23, 1980 when he was 80 years old. He became one  of the most recognizable persons in the world.Alfred Hitchcock was called the Master of Suspense because of his psychological thrillers for example Vertigo, Psycho, and The Birds…. In 1980 he even received his Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth. When I think of Alfred Hitchcock I think of the movie  The Birds.  I saw it when I was a teenager  and found I couldn’t watch it again till I was in my 30’s . The movie gave me a bad case of willies. When the seagulls start dive-bombing and all the black birds start collecting on the playground equipment with the additional sound effects  – I always break into a sweat, leave the room for an hour or so to make popcorn. To this day, people still aren’t sure what triggered the birds collecting as they did -if it was because the love birds were in a cage instead of flying free or because it was just a natural phenomenon in his mind when he wrote it.  As a child in England his father sent him to the police station with a note -for the police to lock him up for a while -for misbehaving. This affected him for the rest of his life . Wrongful accusations, harsh treatments and a wariness towards the police were a common thread throughout his stories. Amongst his many projects -he even released a record of ghost stories for children in 1962. It begins with : “How do you do …boys and girls ..I’m delighted to find that you believe in ghosts too. After all they believe in you, so it’s  only a  common courtesy to return the favor. (Wikipedia.)  Can’t you just imagine his voice stating it with the opening song  of Funeral March of a Marionette by Charles Gounod in the background?

Please note: Executive Producer was Alfred Hitchcock.  Producers Joan Harrison and Norman Lloyd. Original Network CBS later on NBC.


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